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Costs per unit

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Has anyone done the math lately to calculate Plasitol costs per standard 5” Senko style stickbait?   I’m using the stickbait as a baseline and don’t know how many can be produced per gallon.  If able to know that information it’s easy to divide by the material cost.  I’m sure production quantities fall into a range depending on how efficient one is remelting sprues.  Thank you

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I suck at math so this might not be correct.  1 gal plastisol = 16 cups.

if you pour a half a cup and see how many baits are produced that would get the number of baits per gallon and cost per bait.

1 gallon plastic is say $50 divided by 16cups=$3.13 per cup. 

If you can make say 20 baits per half cup x 2 for a full cup=40 baits per cup. 40 baits x 16 cups= 640 baits per gallon. 

$3.13 divided by 40 baits= .078 cents per bait. Or price per gal of plastic divided by total number of baits produced in a gal of plastic. 

i hope this rambling of mine has made sense. 

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I would just do a 4 ounce batch & see how many you get out of that & multiply it by 32.  If selling baits i personally wouldn't figure remelting the sprue into it because that will be pure profit. Say you get 5 stick baits for every 4 oz. batch X 32 would be 160 baits divided into the cost of a gallon of  plastic at 50.00 which is pretty high because it can be bought cheaper. That would be a little over  31 cents a piece plus cost of glitter softener etc. would get you around 40 cents per bait. This is just a rough estimate, but anyway you get the idea. Then the remelted sprue  can be used to reduce your cost   for those 160 baits you just made by seeing how many you can make out of it which in turn means more profit. You're probably going to get at a minimium another 40 out of the sprue which is atleast 200 baits per gallon & that drops the cost to 25 cents a piece leaving you at $6..25 per 25 pack.  

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