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I am looking for recommendations on who to use for a custom cnc aluminum mold 

I am not looking for fast or cheap. I want someone who is fair, good customer service, and can provide a good end product. Completely understand it costs more then buying existing molds 

Yes I realize there is diy options like silicon and plaster but I want aluminum injection 

If it’s a struggle to even get communication out of them I have no interest in doing business with them. I don’t play games and stick to my word all I ask is the same 

Good customer service is a must !!!


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bugmolds.com did a fantastic job cutting me a single cavity custom mold based on a number of pictures showing the measurements of the bait I wanted. I will note they are out of western Ukraine but communication from them via email was great and they were back to operational last I checked. I’ve been seeing many listings on eBay recently from them.

Another place you might look at would be cncmolds.com. They have a Facebook page too if you do that-I don’t. I read on the website where he does custom orders. I picked up his 4 cavity twin tail grub mold awhile back and it is very nice. 

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OK this will seem a bit off the wall but, there is a YouTuber called AVE he started this thing called Town Pump CNC. I believe he is open to small custom work. The biggest question is how to get a hold of him maybe the community tab on his channel or his patreon page. He does have a nice 5 axis Haas.



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