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AI 4" open pour hook slotted swimbait raw material cost

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I would greatly appreciate some help if possible. Figuring raw material cost for this pursuit is driving me nuts. In regards to AI's 4" open pour hook slotted swimbait mold, I figured a raw material cost of .07 % of 1 cup of plastic. Accounts for minimal waste and with low balling it I came up with around 240 lures per gallon. Is that close or am I crazy? I don't know anymore lol. I made 18 with 1 1/3 cups of plastic I believe. Any real help and I would love to return the favor and some..thanks 

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Need to see the swimbait you're talking about, but as for just basic straight tail worms, I believe I was able to get 750 to 800 small baits and around 600 6 inchers with a gallon of plastic.  This is for a cavity that is very similar to Robo Worm.  Also keep in mind that I took those figures once I knew a thing or 2 and didn't really over pour or make too many other mistakes at that point. 

Interesting topic, though.  Currently my favorite swimbait is the 4 inch Megabass Spark Shad.  I'd love to know how many of those can be made with a gallon. 

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I have done the math very recently to get an average cost across the variety baits I make, including Swim Baits, Craws, Centipedes, & Soft Stickbaits. That number is $.09 per bait, all in.  Obviously smaller could be less and larger more, but colorant, salt, softener, glitter, hi-light powder, and other additives can also shorten that gap. 

To get true “total cost” one needs to capitalize & deprecate molds, heaters, injectors, scents/oils, packaging & labels, and energy costs.  Determining these actual ancillary cost is tricky.  For instance:  it’s possible to get X number of baits per jar of glitter, or per injector.   But you may not use those to their limit.  

I hope this is helpful, or at least, food for thought. 

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