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Wire Leader Storage

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If you want to keep them all together, and you have the room, a Plano 3707 utility box works nicely. For anything longer that doesn't fit flat, roll them around your fingers and then put one end into the coil about 2 times. This will keep them from uncoiling. See link

https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Plano_ProLatch_Utility_Box_3707_Open_Compartment/descpage-P370710.html?from=gshop&gclid=Cj0KCQjwxb2XBhDBARIsAOjDZ35wFjFR-H10BKxxXTpdsEkAygWC1KA4XOWUFd3zepF1SY4Ih3FnpB4aAqfaEALw_wcBe attached

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What Mark said. Pool noodle works great and is pretty cheap. I make up a lot of salmon leaders before the season and store them this way. You can also make two lines about 2 inches apart along the length of the section of noodle you want to cut and then score each place you want to put a leader except for the part between the lines. This will tend to hold your leader material a bit better but leave a small portion visible. I just use a sharp knife and roll the noodle while holding the knife stationary. Start at one line and roll to the next leaving between your lines uncut. 

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