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A new (to me anyways) tool in the fight with plugging airbrushes

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So  since I find myself doing a bit more painting than in the last couple of years an old pain had raised  it's head the plugging every few minutes pain. 

At to cut to the chase, lacquer thinner is my airbrush's new best friend. I had soaked my airbrush in denature alcohol and I thought that helped but a quick filling of the bowl and after a minute or two  gunk started to  come loose. it took about 10 minutes but I don't think the brush was that clean since day 1.

I found the idea on an airbrushing blog while trying to find airbrush restorer 



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I could not find any locally and amazon.ca had too long delivery.

Since you brought it up I took look at the MSDS and all it says is Ethyl alcohol  as far as I understand it the formula given is just anhydrous ethanol  so my denatured should have done the same thing

Is there is a chemist out there could you validate that?

When I was searching around for options (I have DIY reducer so why not restorer) I ran into a airbrushing blog the the person  swore by  lacquer thinner , and it I knew I could get some locally so I tried it. 



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