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I'm pretty new to pouring and tying my own jigs.  I'm starting to acquire a good amount of molds,hooks,skirts etc.and I am looking for suggestions on how some of you guys may store/organize your materials. Thanks for your help.


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Deer tails and other dressings as well as powder paint jars go into a clear tote with a gasket seal in the lid. I have found them at Target and Wallyworld. Other items like hooks I found some smaller clear plastic boxes with latch lids at the store formally know as the Dollar Tree. Beads, blades and other wire related items I store in Plano boxes of various sizes. I also leave the smaller items in their package so I don’t have to guess the sizes. I have also found it very useful to pick up some adhesive backed labels and a sharpie to label items in the containers.  I will often times also put notes on the labels inside the container  lids as a cheat sheet. Like what size eye or blade I need for a specific jig head. 

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For skirts, I keep all of my Living image skirts in a Plano 1700 boxes. As far as the rest of my skirts I keep them in a plastic zip lock baggie and then in a big plastic clear shoe box. I label each bag with the color and number so I can easily order more. As far as split rings, blades, swivels, beads and other small items I keep them in plastic drawers which are part of a plastic cabinet. Again keep the number and description with the items so you can order more once you  run out.

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