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gold plating jigs?

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Are you planning on doing this yourself? If so Eastwood might have  kit to do this. If you want it professionally done, then  there will be a lot charge plus a cost to plate each jig.  In the whole scope of things, having them plated  by a company is very cost prohibitive, unless you are going to sell thousands.

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yeah i was planning on doing myself if its feasible. just wasn't sure if I was missing something easy.

maybe ill get a couple of the gold powder coat options and give that a go and see. maybe could spray some gold chrome airbrush over black powder that would look good.

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You could also get some gold powder and then sprinkle gold glitter over the entire jig. Also you can get some candy gold powder and sprinkle gold glitter over that as well. I've tried that combo and it looks pretty good. The two colors you will never get to match in powder is gold and silver plating. Like a gold chain or the chrome look of a bumper on a car. That process can be done with Eastwoods products, but then you are electroplating and it is not cost effective.

Good Luck

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