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Powder paint drips

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I found out a guy I went to high school owns a sandblasting and powder place. I got a bunch of samples of various colors. My problem is the paint seems to be dripping off the top of my jig heads.

I usually use a heat gun, but today I used a lighter. I rotated the jigs in the flame for about 5 seconds before dipping them in the paint. I moved them to a toaster oven when they had cooled and baked them at about 300 for about 20 minutes. Any ideas?


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Once you heat the jig you must swish the hot jig through the powder paint fairly quickly. It looks like there is way too much powder paint on the jig and if you put it in the oven that way, then it will definitely drip. Also when you dip your jigs through the powder paint make sure your powder paint is fluffy.

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What Cadman said. I will add that the powder paint that I have gotten from my local powder coating shop is usually much thicker than what we get from the tackle suppliers. Still usable you just have to find what it likes.  I know my fluid doesn’t have the stamina to fluidize it. So I just dip from the cup. With some trial and error you will find the right count for heating the jig head with the heat gun. For example most of my 1/4oz jigs and paint prefer a 9-10 count in front of the heat gun. A little less for CS Coating’s powder. You want the jig just hot enough to have a dullness or mat color after it has been dipped. Then give it another shot in front of the heat gun and it will shine over. Then bake. 
You might also consider making a clamp to fit inside your oven to bake the jigs head up rather than hanging them. This has helped me reduce/eliminate cone heads. 

I made mine from angle iron since that’s what I had available and cut notches so they slide in where the wire rack is in the toaster oven. Bought silicone mats from Amazon cut them to fit, and nuts and bolts from Lowes. 

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When I paint jigs I use a heat gun and count (1001, 1002, etc) for every jig.  That keeps me constant.  I only get the jig hot enough for a light dull coat of paint, just enough to cover the head.  That way I don’t get runs.

For a rack to hang jigs on,  I took a grill rack from an old cheap grill I had in the camper and cut it down to fit over the top of a baking pan that I bought from Wal Mart.  It has 3 rows and can easily handle 2 dozen bass jigs at a time.  When baking is done I pull the pan out and set it on the garage floor to cool.

I have been using this setup for at least 20 years.



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