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Would like to get started, are there huge differences in the tools

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I have been watching a ton of You Tube vids of soft plastic making.  

I have read through quite a few of the threads here about some of the Do's and Don'ts

One thing i was cuouris about is what are the huge differences in the tools such as injectors, blending blocks etc.

I know there are the top of the line type equiptment but for the average joe like myself are some of the cheaper ones fine to get started with?

Which would some of you all suggest as far as single injectors, Dual injectors triples and the blending blocks etc.

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I like the lures I make from injection molds far more than open pour though open pour lures have their uses. Injectors sold on Ebay vary in quality. Some are a bit more difficult when it comes to pushing the plunger, but I still do fine with the cheaper injectors in different sizes. For making a good quantity of lures in certain sizes and shapes, you can't beat injection.

Just remember one thing about injection molds: some have to be heated when thin tails are wanted, meaning, make an injection, pull out the defective tailless lures and reinjecting. 

Thing about the soft plastics you make is making more than you'll ever use in a lifetime which is why I like attaching parts of some lures to others to make different designs such as this one:


The tails are from an injection mold. The body is from a curl tail grub. Wacky rigged, it catches everything! 

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i wanted to make some soft plastics back during pandemic when lots of stuff was sold out. i bought an injector couple molds and plastisol from do it and honestly it seems to be fine for my low volume personal use.

if i was doing lots or selling or doing really specialized stuff, but i can shoot some craws and worms and go fishing whenever now

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On 8/17/2022 at 7:30 PM, mark poulson said:

Buy good tools, and you'll only need to buy them once.

Good tools eliminate a lot of the problems and frustrations that can making pouring soft plastics a slog.

Mark, if you don't mind could you give your recommendation for injectors and other tools? I am also curious about which are the better tools for bait making. 

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34 minutes ago, Les Young said:

Injector get the basstackle. It's 6 ounces & has a safety pin keeper  to avoid the nozzle coming off when shooting hot plastic & as good as they come. 

I agree.  Good injector.  Keep it lubed with cooking spray, and the O rings will last much longer.

Use the search feature here to read up for brands to use for plastisol, color, glitter, and molds.  Lots of good info. there.

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