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Tried my hand at a Silicone mold....Fail

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So tried my hand at making a silicone mold of a 5" swimbait. 

Used some mold making silicone i got from amazon. The mold on the outside cured fine but where the baits were at it was still all in a gel type stage and did not get hard like the rest of the mold. So that was a fail.

Do you all have luck with the amazon,Michaels type mold making kits?

I know I have seen some mold making kits through Lureworks for like $40. 

This is my first time with this stuff so im still trying  to learn.


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If you used a soft plastic bait(s) as the master that is where you probably ran into trouble. Certain forms of silicone mold don’t play nice with soft plastics. I encountered this same issue while using a platinum cured silicone. Allowed it to set up for 8+ hours only to find the area around the bait I was copying was still gel like. Look at the description for cast-a-mold platinum silicone at specialtyresin.com. It gives some examples of materials the silicon is not compatible with. Don’t give up. There are workarounds to get the mold you want. 

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