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A solution to tacky uv resin... maybe

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So I was browsing here and I saw a lot of posts talking about there if resin being tacky after curing. I don’t have any experience using it as a clear coat( I literally have my first test piece in my uV box now) I do have some decent resin printing experience. Sometime resin prints have the same issue being tacky after curing. This happens because oxygen inhibits the reaction that causes the resin to harden. The method in resin printing is to submerge the piece in water and then stick it under uv in a clear container of corse. This prevents the oxygen from contacting the outside layer and lets it cure. Obviously this would have to be done after it sets up. If I ever encounter this problem I will test and post back here but if anyone runs into that issue try that.

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Thanks!  I’ll try this method.  I used some Chinese craft UV resin to clearcoat a few baits and results were not good.  First, it took a long  20 min to cure and then I had to set them out in the sun to get reasonably hard.  Stored them in a plastic box for a few months and then found they had become sticky.  Eventually I coated them with D2T epoxy, which fixed the problem.  But the experience was not promising.  

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