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I got into this hobby and really went whole hog.  Eventually it led to a jig company - 5 fish lures - with some Ozark area pros involvement.  

I’m now considering adding soft plastic baits to what we offer our stores in the area.  While I refuse to be making baits when I could be fishing, it’s possible for me to make a bunch in the winter.  I’m seeing bait shop plastic selling at about $.50 per piece.  I estimate being able to produce at 10 to 12 cents each, not including labor.  I don’t include it because I like doing it.

 Some of you have been suppliers. I would welcome your thoughts 


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15 hours ago, hpssports said:

It may cost less to just buy trailers wholesale in bulk than making them. 

 This is a true statement.

 The only issue you mite have is getting the colors to match your skirts like you want . 

 I would check this idea out 1st. to see what the prices would be and what colors you can get .  

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