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Clear over foil

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On 9/21/2022 at 10:52 AM, Flaswimbaiter said:

Some of my foiled baits are still holding up, while others have cracked and peeled.  I am using Devon 2 ton, any suggestions? Do you guys do any prep with foil? 

Epoxy wont really stick to foil. I have used a silver like paint that I have epoxied over.

The paint was Iridescent Silver (Fine) made by Golden Acrylics.


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22 hours ago, benton B said:

I do my sealer coat over the foil then paint and clear coat.   My foil baits have held up for yrs.   

I'm not saying it wont work...I'm just saying epoxy wont readily adhere to aluminum foil very well.

One of the methods of applying epoxy (lures, rods) is to pour it out on aluminum foil...this helps slow down the exothermic reaction and gives you a little more time to work with it. Once the unused epoxy cures...it can be easily peeled off the foil.

Not 100% sure if this is really @Flaswimbaiter problem...just an observation.

One thing worth trying is to use something like FlexCoat. It has properties to make it somewhat bendable.

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The way I seal balsa wood cranks is as follows, 1 coat of super glue then lightly sand, 1 coat of flex coat rob builder's epoxy, scuff with 320 grit, prime, paint, and clear coat with flex coat ultra v high build.   I have foiled baits over 10yrs old that have held up.   I've been building since 2002 and never had a issue with my seal coat peeling off of foil.


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