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Zman Banded Skirtz

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3 hours ago, alsworms said:

Saw this heading and just HAD to comment.

I'm wondering the same thing.  Do they make all their soft plastics with Elaztech?  It has its advantages, but I use a bunch of screw lock weighted hooks.  Forget screwing those things into Elaztech!! 

You can use screw locks.  You heat a small drill bit or wire then melt a hole in the end.

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On 9/26/2022 at 2:10 PM, BrentAFishing said:

Hello everyone!

Does anybody know what silicon material Zman uses? Specifically on the shroom Z micro jig?  It’s softer than anything I can find very similar to a SK Bitsy bug. They sell skirts but I was wanting different color options. 

THX guys

Isn't it just fine cut silicone like fishingskirts sells?



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