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small jig sprues

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How are you guys getting them off? Have started making some small jigs and having some trouble getting sprues off cleanly. Using slightly hard lead. Around 5%.

Its hard to hold them and break sprues off, and so far anything i cut them with leaves a flat spot.

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2 hours ago, m.t.pockets said:

Are they like the ones used to cut tiles, if so  where did you get them

I certainly wouldn't use my flush cut nippers for tiles.

Not sure what you're referring to there.

I have a pair of flush cutters that I bought from Barlow's they call them gate cutters.


But I also bought a pair of these from my local hardware store.

They're similar to a pair of regular wire cutters except they cut flush to whatever you're cutting such as a jig head.

Any halfway decent hardware store should have a pair of one brand or another.


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3 hours ago, m.t.pockets said:

Are they like the ones used to cut tiles, if so  where did you get them

I'm pretty sure they would work, but they are larger than diagonal cutters, so they may be more awkward/clunky to use.

Google tile nippers, and you'll see lots of choices.

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Take a look at flush cutters made by Xuron. Amazon search will show some different ones and if you want to see all their cutters Xuron has its own web page. A word of caution on any flush cutter or sprue cutter you get. It’s a single purpose tool meant to cut your sprue flush and save you time and make a nice clean cut without adding steps like filing and sanding. Do not use them to cut off any extra lead that flashed around the hook eye by grabbing the hook just below the eye and twisting. Use some other cutter for that. Touching the hard steel of that hook with your cutters will mess them up over time. Treat them nice and they’ll last a long time. 

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I use small gate shears that cut close to the bottom of the sprue. I believe mine are Xcelite. I have never been able to get a perfect flush cut, where you don't need to touch it up with a file. The smaller the jig the easier it is to touch up the remainder of the sprue. However if you don't care about the sprue remains showing, than just cut and paint. 

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