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Painting jigs with created paint

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I airbrush all my jigs problems I'm having is paint goes on blotchy. Can it be paint is reacting to the lead little frustrated want to see others experience, I've been painting for 10 years so not a novice but missing something may have to clearcoat before painting  any help will be appreciated 


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Dink createx paint is an acrylic paint mostly used for airbrush you might be on to something will warm jigs up also have 10 that I dipped into glade floor polish. I paint fish lures with no problems this is crazy I spray a light coat to give it (tooth). I do 4 coats it's like paint is beading and running.  I know I could powder paint but easier to layer 4 colors

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OK I figured the problem out got rid of primer bought a new can of white. Since not having problem 2 of colors didn't change them but changed the color I was having problem with everything went fine so must have been a problem with the paint. Just finished a 100 jig run with no problem 

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