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Help with mold material [EU]

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Hello guys,

I currently have a FDM 3d printer with PLS+ filament! I have create some master with the printer and now I don't know what material is the best for Plastisol resistance! I'm trying to make fishing lure mold resistent! So I'm looking for resin/silicon material.

Someone know some store from EUROPE for buying this specific products? What about the resin, with the addition of aluminum powder? Is a release agent necessary for the resin?



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18 hours ago, TroutSupport.com said:

Yeah unless you are doing commercial production.. RTV Silicone will work just fine. Check out SmoothOn they make several different durometer 2 part silicones that would work great for your molds. 

The price is around the same (here in Europe) for resin and silicone! So I decided to buy the resin for a better resistance and why not do some commercial production...

Anyway I tryed the Alumilite VAC-MASTER 50 but I got a lot of problem, check out the photo:


I can't use the brush like on DIY video on last comment, because the mix is very very dense! This cause problem during the casting too...

I'm using release wax brushed with a tiny brush on PLA, but resoult it's very bad

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