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Old fishhook removing tool

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Does anyone remember the late seventies or early eighties a stainless steel fish hook removing tool that would grab the hook and had like a cam action that would turn hook around in the fishes mouth so you could easily extract it ! The ones today just grab the hook ? It was sold in Walmarts and k marts back in the eighties . It was the best fishing tool ever . But they quit making them ! I would buy one if someone had had one . Please post a pic if you have one . 

Thanks Paul

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Are you sure ? I looked all over ebay and Amazon! They look very similar to a common hook removing tool , but the have a cam in them that turns hook around! If you could please send me a picture. They quit making them 30 years ago . Was hoping someone had them in an old tackle box . 
thanks Paul . 
I don’t have a picture because I haven’t found any yet .

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