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Line for molded in hooks

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Monofilament was traditionally used once Dacron fell out of favor in the 50's with Dupont patenting of Stren.   Most monofilament lines are extruded above working temperatures of plastisol.  Copolymers usually even higher.  

Trilene XT seams to be the bread and butter with those currently making prerigged worms.

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You can still find Dacron line to use which has more limpness than heavier Trilene XT .     Fly fishermen use Dacron line for backing on their fly reels and it comes in a variety of different colors . If you pour a light shade of worm like smoke you can use the colored dacron as kind of a bloodline . 

If you just want to try out the concept of rigged worms you can try some mono to see how it works out . 

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Definitely can use Dacron just don't see it used that often anymore in commercially available baits.  Most buying worms will pass on dacron and prefer the clear lines.   

Very small market anymore, as far as pre rigged worms in bass fishing.  I think the last time I threw one I probably was in my teens (late 80's) and even then wasn't typically used.

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