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Does a solid printed wobbler move as it should?

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Hi everybody,



I am currently modelling my first wobbler, which I will print in ABS-like resin and I asked my if it will mode well, when printed solid.

The weight seems to be correct, Or does it need the air pocket for the floating behavior?


Any comment is highly appreciated!


Have a nice weekend!

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14 minutes ago, Hand Crafted Angling said:

The air pocket in the top is to keep the lure in the water vertically  instead of floating on its side. The hooks may lower the center of mass enough to get it to sit right. So would making holes in the bottom for weights. You could also print it in two halves and get the air chamber that way.

Thanks a lot for the answer @Hand Crafted Angling!

Since I found this website some weeks ago, I am amazed y the knowledge and the community!

I will consider the air pockets and some extra weight in the bottom now.

Have a nice saturday!



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