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3d Printed whitefish swimbait

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as per usual it's the night before vacation and I am putting together a lure. After a few tries I finally got this shape to swim. then I added the fancier details. The paintjob is still a bit ham fisted but it was the first paint since last summer. At this point I only have one wire on the joint so with luck it holds up.  After I bondo'd the ballast in it ended up a bit nose heavy so the next one will have wood flour and ca glue for the front ballast hole instead.  Print time is a bit long at about 8 hours but I was shooting for a density of maple and at 35% infill it came close  but without top coat it was sinking a bit fast but we will see how it fishes.  I am still thinking about adding a tail and dorsal fin but I am not sure.

This shape will be morphed to a soft plastic that one will have a full set of fins 

See ya'll in a week hopefully with fish pictures :)




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The one thing I can tell you..."let the fish decide"... not people.

I have made a few baits and the ones I thought were Caracter/Poorly painted/wonky baits just absolutely got smashed.

If your anything like most guys making baits you are your own worst critic.

I think it's a great looking bait but what do the fish say?

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The hinge is just twisted wire screw eyes. The way pike can flop around the boat some times can break a lure but it took the beating and stayed together so far.


It took me a while to figure out how to work it but it did catch fish. I am new to this style of bait I was surprised on how shallow running it was on a straight retrieve. To keep it down I had to work it really slow. The sink rate turned out to be about right the standard 1 foot per second.

Considering the pattern this time of year is generally big plug’s moving fast it’s a good sign.

There are plenty of times where the shallow running will be useful , especially later in the season when the cabbage is tall and thick I should be able to work it right above the weeds.

I will try a double wire connection to see if I can get a better glide that is a nice advantage of cad multiple versions are easy.




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