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mark poulson

re-tempering hook eyes

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12 hours ago, curt k said:

T1 is a highly common steel to use for a variety of tooling applications . If you look into your machinery handbook you will find a lot of information on the variety of tool steels , their general purposes along with their physical properties and compounds

Reading the specs on it, it sounds like a lot like common HSS.  That being said I ran across a guy in a machining group the other day who claimed to have 25 years experience, and had never heard of 01.  01 has been commercially available since 1905.  It happens.  



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I just made up some chatterbaits with the 5/0 hook eyes heated to cherry red, and then allowed to air cool, which was pretty quick.

The eyes opened and closed fine, and there was no breakage.  The hook eyes were hard to close.  Same with the 4/0 hooks.  The 3/0 hooks broke half the time.

I tried tempering some of the hooks at 350F for an hour, and they all broke.

I'll try the heat gun next, and report back.

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9 hours ago, Jig Man said:

I hope you get it worked out to your satisfaction.  I can’t get fish around here to hit a bladed jig very often.

I think its a confidence thing.  Some years back a fellow I drew in a pro/am tournament told me he had it wired with a Chatter Bait (tm).  Its not my thing, but I played along.  He started out just whacking them, and I caught a couple, but I wasn't feeling the love.  Then I switched to a Colorado blade spinnerbait and started matching him fish for fish.  

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I tried tempering the 5/0 stock Victory jig hooks with my 1000 degree heat gun, and the eyes still snapped.  Same with the Mustad hooks.

So I used the propane torch to get the hook eyes red hot, let them cool on the metal tray I use under my lead pot  when I pour, and then opened the eyes with an awl, driven through the eye into a piece of plywood.

Then I loaded the hooks into my jig mold, and poured six 1/2oz heads.

I powder coated the heads at 350 for 45 minutes, added my skirts, and crimped on the chatter blades.  No breakage, and the eyes were hard enough to close to make me confident that they wouldn't open up on a fish.

I don't know if it was the hot lead, or the baking at 350 when I powder coated, but something worked. 

I didn't try any 4/0 or 3/0 hooks, since I don't need any smaller hooks for my chatterbaits.  If I do, I'll report back on what works, or doesn't.

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