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Bladed jig problem

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Hit there Tackle Underground family. I'm in a bind and looking for some suggestions. I've poured and powder coated about 30 bladed jig heads using the SPARKIE Jig head mold and the techniques shown on YouTube on the Lure Making channel. The problem now is that I can't figure on how to close the eye of the, WEY525 wire form, to keep the blades from working off. I had to slightly open the eye of the wire form to get a very thin Ignition Point file in to clean up some lead. I've tried using a pliers, but it leaves marks in the Powder Paint. I've even tried to use a Tack Hammer and put the jig head down on my wooden work table and then striking the eye, but alas the eye stays closed. Any constructive suggestions would be deeply suggested. See the enclosed photos. 


IMG_20230930_134336954 (1).jpg

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Slip the pin in eye first notch then cup the eyelet on top squeeze down and rotate down it will close the eye down blade wont slip out. I use stainless steal eyelets and the bass ain't going to bend those no matter how big they are. Ive built alot of blade baits in my time and I've never had one fail. Use round nose pliers you wont scuff the powder paints at all. Channel lock pliers you will if your not careful.  

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