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Fingernail Polish for Head Cement

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Gang, I am tying my own Spinner Bait, Bladed Jig and Regular Jig skirts instead of using the rubber collar. I'm using a High End clear finger nail polish as Head Cement to lock up the thread wraps. Just wondering if anyone has had experience good or bad with this medium. 

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Ive been tying jigs with upholstery thread for 46 years now never used glue or nail polish to lock down the thread. Even when tying bucktail jigs. There no need too. Just one trick in tying to lock the thread down. I do it with all my Jigs Spinnerbaits Bladed jigs and Buzz Bait heads before I powder coat them.  

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Thanks for all the suggestions. The reason I don't use wire is that as I'm building the color composition for the skirt, I wrap

the thread a couple of times till I get the colors that I like. I'm also using the Sally Hanson Hard as Nails clear. That single bottle has lasted me for many years.

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