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Black Bear hair for inline spinners?

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Anyone have any success tying big inline spinners with Black Bear hair? I was given a black bear tanned hide with fur on. Some of the fur is about 3" long but does not seem to be hollow like deer hair. I wonder how it will react in the water. Would the bait run deeper? Will it have good action? It seems sort of shiny and smooth so it may not glue well. Curious if anyone has had good results using it for Pike and Muskie spinner baits.

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I haven't tied large inline spinners but I have tied a lot of streamers of various sizes.  I find it doesn't move like bucktail, goat or similar.  I usually use it in combo with other hairs.  I would guess the run depth would be more related to weight of the spinner and not the hair.  I have never had an issue tying it down.  I just secure it and use head cement or nail polish on the thread.  I haven't used it for pike or muskie but don't know why it wouldn't work. Hope it helps.

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