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Paint Patterns - Top 5

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As we roll into the hardwater season here in the north country means less fishing and more painting for me. 

If you had to pick your top 5 paint patterns what would they be? Do you like more modern stuff, or like the vintage look? Flashy colors or more natural? If you have pics or links to pics even better. I need some inspiration as i feel my artsy side is in a bit of a funk. 


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Go to the gallery. click on the button at the top of the page.  Lots of different pics there of lures people have made or painted.  Probably more ideas there than you or I have time to copy.  Personally paint most of the lures so they look natural.  At least try to make them that way sometimes doesn't work so good.  Good luck with yours, Arne.

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I am a pretty unimaganative painter, probably has to do with primarily fishing for pike. It's scarry how fast they can ruin a lure. So I have a standard set of colors ranging from "natural" to loud

Blue/Perl Silver/white (Moving towards Silver Foil)
Rainbow Trout (sometimes)   
Walleye Green/Gold/white (sometimes depending on the lure)
Flo Purple/Pearl Gold/ Flo Orange (Moving towards Gold Foil)
Fire tiger Flo Green/ Flo Yellow/ Flo Orange - Black stripes
Tiger Tiger Black/Flow Orange/white - black stripes (Sometimes)
Pink Lady Flo Purple/Flo Pink/White - black stripes (Sometimes)

I 3d print most of my lure now so anything that is a pattern is painted with a stencil

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Yup, boats put away, time to brush off the lure making stuff.  I like to experiment with painting and effects because it's fun, but I usually have a few standards when I fish.  

1. Perch 

2. Firetiger


4. walleye 

5. Something wacky and bright, chartreuse with black dots.  

6. Jet black

Granted, cisco or walleye color patterns can vary a lot.

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I fish mostly bass in the nidwest US, and I've really been enjoying a sunfish/bluegill pattern. So I guess my list would be:

1) Crayfish

2) bluegill

3) brown back, cream sides, light green belly

4) blue back, silver sides, pink belly

5) can't think of a 5th... should probably go sleep... something very shaddy I suppose.

Great question. Nice to see everyone's ideas!

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