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Spinnerbait Spacer and Jig Brush Guard Glue

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I'm looking for suggestions for Spinnerbait Spacers that are thin tubes that go over the wire frames of Spinner Baits. I've checked "Lure Parts on Line" and they only have clear plastic ones. There's no listing on "Jann's Netcraft". I haven't checked "Barlow's". Went to "Michael's Crafts" today and searched their Jewelry Making area and found Nothing. 



Also what is a Good Suggestion for glue to secure plastic Brush Guards for Jigs?? 

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For spinnerbait spacers between blades and up and down the blade arm, you can use metal hollow beads, plastic beads or cylindrical metal spacers. See link below



I use Devcon 2 Ton epoxy for all my weedguards. It takes a little longer to dry, but I've never had one come out. I roll the loose end of the weedguard strands into the epoxy and then stick the weedguard into the jig head hole with the epoxy and when the weedguards are cured, I cut the fused end off at the top. There are many ways to glue in weedguards. I just prefer epoxy.

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