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Bondo molds and bubbles

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Posted back here a while ago about making some jig molds and what material out of. Decided on bondo as it seemed middle of the road on cost a durability. My plan is to make a mold of the mold on my 3d printer and cast that with bondo to make the jig mold. I did my first test run the other night. Mold was unusable anyway because I missed part of the mold box but I had an issue with air bubbles. There were holes in the finished mold right on the cavity of the jig. I’m not really sure how to eliminate them while pouring. I used bondo cut with fiberglass resin and Pam baking spray as a mold release. When I poured it I went slow and poured it in the empty space of the mold box. I didn’t really see many bubbles going in. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

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Start by pouring a stream as thin as possible about 8”-12” above the mold directly onto the master. Covering the master first with a thin coat will help almost eliminate air bubbles in your final product. Next fill the alignment holes.  Again thin stream. Then move to a corner and finish filling the mold allowing the bondo to flow across the mold. This should minimize the bigger bubbles. 
Holding the cup high and a thin stream allows the air bubbles a chance to burst. 

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