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Jig Man

Jewell Pee Wee Jig

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Jig Man, I don't know exactly but my guess would be one of these three:

Eagle Claw Style 500BP-Lil Nasty

Mustad 32500 BN Jig Hook

Victory 11149 BN Jig Hook

I don't have any of the Jewel Pee Wee Jigs  on hand to check to see which hook it is. It may also be a custom made hook made exclusively for them as well.



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Those were my thoughts too.  The Pee Wee is .039.  The EC is the right shape but thinner .034.  The Victory is also thinner .033.  The Mustad is real close .038 but there seems to be a subtle difference in shape.  My current bet is a custom hook from someone.

Those babies are out producing all my other jigs right now.  I’ve made a knockoff that is working but I’m wanting to try some sickles.  I may order some Mustads.

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