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No action from bait?

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Im trying to make more realistic lures and im wondering if anyone can point out from this photo why my bait has pretty much no action. I placed weight almost exactly on center, its almost a slow rising and i also tried sanding the bib to give it sharper edges. I tried adding a second anchor point closer to the bib but it didnt do much. The only thing i can think of is angle or size/shape of bib is bad? Iv been making lures for a few months now and i really would like to get this right, i kinda ruined this one with superglue trying to add a second anchor point but its a good learning experience.  Anyhelp would be appreciated and sorry if this is posted on wrong subject.



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When I'm making a new-to-me lure, I start by looking at some of the successful commercial baits that are similar, and use them as a starting point.

One other thing I would try is taking the tail off completely to see if that helps.  The longer the bait, the more stable/less action it will have, because there is more lure body inertia to overcome.

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Several good opinions have been given here. Besure to only make one change at a time so you know what “ fixed your problem. I’d probably start with more lip angle..then maybe a bit wider bill.

Good old Elmers rubber cement will hold your bills in place for test swims and you can easily remove the bill and try several styles at one time.When you find the bill you want epoxy it in place

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Like 21xdc, I think the lip should be at a larger down angle.  However, we don’t really know the size or weight of the bait.  If it’s heavy, the lip surface area needs to increase to impart enough vortex to make it wiggle and rock. Also, performance might benefit by putting the nose eyelet just below the nose point instead of above it.  It reminds me of a Rapala balsa floating minnow.  Very nice looking!  I’d take a look at a Rapala and copy that design exactly.

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I meant to post this bait of mine similar to yours earlier, take a look at the lip and the line tile location. I just poured the bait a second time to make more of a jerk bait than a crank bait. All I have to do is change the lip width and length . This has a nice wide wobble. also noticed how small the tail is. 


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