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KBS Help !! I messed up !!

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Painted 5 old, old wiggle warts yesterday in my garage.  Baits came out great, grabbed my KBS and dipped them while I was cleaning stuff up  .  Thunderstorm hit and i was getting mower in the garage and forgot to bring them inside.  This morning before work, I remembered them and ran down there.  3 of them has a small rash !!  I've watched youtube vids all day and it was probably caused from the  humidity.  I live in SC and its getting WARM.  500 % humidity right now.  Can these be lightly sanded down and re-dipped ?  Or am I sandblasting and starting over ?    

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On 5/7/2024 at 8:06 AM, azsouth said:

Excess humidity can and will cause KBS to flash, if you can live with blemishes I would do that.

Otherwise strip and have back at it.

The humidity killed them.  Thats what I thought.  I hit them with a scotchbrite and redipped them last night.  So far the damage is minimal.  Will know this evening.  Thanks for the reply !!

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Thin multiple light layers is the best way for KBS....it can be extremely touchy when above 80 degrees and high humidity.


Read all the precautions that are on the can or on the KBS site to be in the know.


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