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Stores that use bar codes usually have way extra of their own bar codes. Depending on the number of  SKU’s you need, talk to them and see if they have enough to cover your products. If you going to sell in just one store it won’t be worth it if you have to buy your own bar codes. 

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I’ve been using free barcode generators for years in several stores. No issues “yet”

I’m sure that when/if I transition into a more corporate model and deal with big box I’ll be purchasing and re coding all of my stuff. 

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As redgum mentioned. Free Barcode Gen. Create your own string of numbers to each product and their colour variant and sizes. The retailer will be able to program your custom SKU's/ UPC's into their POS system.
Very easy to do. 
If you plan to sell on Amazon or the like, this is where you'll need to buy and have your own set of UPC's or EAN's registered

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