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First Poured Cranks

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These are my first molded and poured crankbaits from slip molds Coley showed how to make at the gathering. They're reproductions of some baits I carved from wild cherry several years ago.

Cool story to go along with it. The fat one (top lure in lower pic) didn't run right so I tossed it and the mold into the trash. Called Charlie Mitchell today to ask about some hook sizes and he asked me about the bait that didn't run as I had previously mentioned to him in email. I said it goes sideways about 18 inches with some wobble then back the other way about 18 inches. He explains to me this is called a "searcher" and is supposed to be hot so I dug the stuff back out of the trash. Now for some serious research and testing with the others I poured this evening!

The bottom pic shows unpainted just rigged to test run. I'm gonna like pouring hard baits!



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Well I tried another lure from this mold. Looks like I do have a "searcher"! Tried different things like with split rings and without, different hook sizes and all things result in a different swim but always erratic off center back and forth action. So what is the ultimate desired type action for a searcher bait? I never even heard of it till yesterday!

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Alright Coley, it'll be next week when some RTV gets here. Used a whole quart kit since the gathering doing different things!

Previously mentioned searching baits. Did some reading and see ya'll call them hunting baits. But like many I read I can't tell ya how I did it...so naming my new bait "Hunting Accident"...

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Here's my take at a searcher. Try it in a pool where u can see the action clearly. A good searcher should shift to the side without much noticeable tilting of the body. ie it should be swimming relatively straight (up & down) and not be moving toward swiming sideways and then get back to centre. JMHO but some do like searchers/hunting lure to be swimming sideways during the shift as it presents a diff profile to the fishes. But to me a sideway swimming lure is just the cause of a not properly centered lip.

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