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Plastic Cranks

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I am wooden crankbait builder who is very interested in attempting to build plastic cranks as well. I remember quite some time ago a tutorial on plastic crank mold building being available but I cant seem to find it anywhere.I have very limited experience in this area but am very curious about it.

Thank you in advance.

David Jaroscak


AKA Hossierdaddy

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hoosier, that (tut) you are after is in the knowlage data base as i hare read it many times + use those same directions to make my own baits with little fuss its called - intro to clay bed moulding , or you can serch for 2 part moulding process in same data base only im not sure if its back up ???

blades you are right that Artbrush(shawn) posted that tutorial , its a great read

hope that this you find what you are looking for Hoosier


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There is one revision...

a more fool proof spru and vent system can be seen here. I refer to it as Vytautas's Twin Tail Ports.


The mold in my tutorial needs to be shaken nose down to release any airbubbles that get trapped under the lip notch when casting blanks. Vy's ports keep the lure nose down while casting thus releasing any air. That's the only revision I'd make to the tutorial. Thanx for the kind words.

Tight Lines,


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