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New hard craw!

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What's CrawChuck without a hard craw lure! My latest slip mold result from a real craw.


And the sweet trial run! Nothing like it eh!!!


Gotta throw this in. My first attempt at Devcon a lure. Made by La Pala I think, molded by Coley and painted by KC Dano. To pretty to fish with!


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That craw is amazing! ( I won't tell anybody, but it looks like you used a real craw :) )

I?ll take three to start, how about sharing how it works, I didn?t see any lip, does it just bounce along the bottom, suspend, float, what? I would say by the bass attached to it that it works great.

Gotta love that craw by Craw.


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Neat Craw Craw (use this as it's name? :D) Featherlite or foam? I should think about molding too one of these days. Save me the trouble of carving details or I just need to carve one LOL.

One more question, I notice no lips!!! So how is that lure fished and what action it has?

PS: U guys having a one up you's painting that Coley mold? Beautiful eye candies. Love them, keep them coming man.

PSS: Most credit should go to Coley in making that crank swim, I just did the easy part of carving it. Else it'd be just another piece of wood. Now if we can just get to see some fish hanging off that lure :D

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Here's the newest addition. I was saving RTV till I saw how the bigger one worked. That wasn't the only fish caught today so this lure will come in many sizes before it's over.



So the big question...why no lip? Craws don't wobble! It's Alumilite RC-3 Black and the action is on bottom, darting straight backwards like a real craw does trying to escape predators.

For the PETA's...It might have been a real live craw and it might have been a shed moult like I used in the soft plastics mold tutorial!!! I'm not telling and nobody can tell the difference or prove otherwise...HA! In any case it took six and one-half hours just to prep the skins for the molding process. Way too much involved and delicate to make a tutorial, for me anyway!

These will go to KC Dano to squirt then to eBay auction. I need a good web site for cheap!

LaPala...I will fish with it and take some pics (the pretty one) as I know it's gonna catch fish!

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Touch? Craw

Peta persons don?t fish anyway. I would love to take them with us on a tuna trip to the far side of the Gulf stream. They wouldn?t be happy.

Is Alumilite RC-3 hard enough to just screw hardware into, or are you epoxying? That is the same material from the slip mold tutorial? It will be a huge hit for you as I said.



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Ever since I got here somebody's been telling me PETA was going to get me, LOL! Mostly in the soft plastics dept. but hey...it's my right to use whatever is available on this earth and I kill em quick! No suffering...anyway yeah, that Alumilite is the same as the slip mold tutorial and right after it pops out of the mold it takes a screw easy but not so easy after it hardens a bit. That's the main reason for the pins in the mold to make a screw hole.

I think I'll stick to making ugly baits that catch fish and people don't mind using them. There's so many beautiful baits on this site by so many super talented folks it's unbelievable. But then LaPala said that and caused me to wonder. Are ya'll using those baits and do they catch fish. Sure would be nice to see some fish with those awesome lures hanging!

ps...I would love to go on a Tuna trip!

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That's pretty slick Shawn! I can see lot's of possibilities for this and will give it a try soon. I used to have a bunch of patterns for my wood crankbaits, same style in different sizes but they have been lost over the years I wasn't making lures. It will be neat if it keeps all the fine detail. Thanks.

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Fantastic bait Crawchuck..It really makes me think about getting rid of the bill on my hybrid craw you saw at my house..Keep up the good work..

And for the rest of you guys who don't know Crawchuck..If you have ANY..and I mean ANY questions about Crawdads..This is the man too ask!!..Nathan

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