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fish devil

clear pro tec or devcon

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Properly cured the powder coat is very durable.The Devcon as well .Keep in mind that the jigs are made of soft metal.I assume they are lead?That will dent and even the Devcon will wear do to the nature of the soft metal

We've been using Powder Coating since the start of our business 7 years ago and with the quick cure time it speeds up production greatly and we've never had any complaints (so far,Knock on wood?)

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First of all I posted about this, but it was lost during the crash. I will agree a 100% with B & D. People ask this question all the time. If you are going to fish around rocks or anything that's in the lake, you will always get your jigs beat up. No matter what you put on them. Yes lead is very soft, and very unforgiving. That's the way it is, so don't worry about it, you will lose more jigs than it's worth. Proper curing is all you need, and your jigs will look beautiful. I only put Devcon on my spinnerbaits, and my Swimmin' Jig Lure, since they cost more to my customers, I want them to stand out, and they do. But the Devcon coat in this case is eye candy, a selling point nothing else. They still get beat up like all the rest.

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