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Predator Bass Baits

Took the big leap and ordered the pressure pot from LC

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Well you guy's wanted me to give up-date. well I have nothing good to say EXCEPT the unit looks nice and Shawn at Lure Craft has been nice to deal with.

The guy that built it is another story.

I am having it sent back, a few minor problems with it along with one major, stripped out threads in the pot were the valve connects must cost extra, After this I am sure Shawn will make sure future pots will be well built for customers.

I am very disapointed as this pot set-up will rock. I might try and build my own.

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No I did not use it, it has leaks and was not safe, He even forgot the ceramic covers for safety of the wires on the heat wrap, also he must have broken his wire crimper's, and lost his thread tape.

Honestly I want the pot !! I know that thing will rock !! but I will not give the guy a chance to make another one for me if this is how my first one would come. I am trying to track down equipment to make my own.

LC is having it picked up and refunding my $

He also wanted to save $ and used a AC motor on the unit with a spead controller that really does not work well, it had should have been a DC motor.

I called the company that made the motor and they said that the speed controller and AC motors do not match well and you will get about a 10% decrease in speed controll.

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Hey Ted, Is your motor a DC motor ? or a split capacitor AC ?

I was told unless you have a 3 phase AC motor it will not speed control well, This motor you have to turn it up to 7 before it kicks on then you can turn it down to 3 before it starts to slow but then a 1/8 turn more and it shuts off, I also just found out that the safety ceramic covers that were forgot to be put on, that if you were to touch the two prongs it would ( KILL ) you, it is worse then a laundry dryer, and the only thing that was a cover for these wires was a home made very, very, very thin tin box that was made out of 3 pieces that did not even seal up, a sqaure box on a round pan, ( very chintsy ) and deadly game. and to boot the wires were not even crimped down, Some people can say I am wrong to post about this pot but Man you just played with my life and that is not cool.

I tracked down all the parts to make this thing so I will post my set-up after it is done.

A few of the parts will be a few weeks on order.

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