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2017 Coolest Lure Contest Winners

Contest Sponsored by Lure Parts Online


Here is the list of Winners!

Best Custom Painted Bait

1st - Supreme Pumpkinseed

by @mdojet
2nd - Rainbow Trout
By @Venutian_Lures
3rd - Brown Trout
by @NorCal Coho

Best Homemade Hardbait

1st - Code Blue Trout by @Nellynelson23

2nd - Handcrafted Crawfish by @Gastonfishlures

3rd - Creeping Duck by @foxbites

Best Wire Bait

1st - Gold Shiner by @EXtremeLures

2nd - Hurricane by @Bigt2666

3rd - 4 Bladed Double Clacking Wire Tied Buzzbait By @Anthony Awgul

Best Soft Bait

1st - IMG-5980.jpg by @DarkCloudCustoms

2nd - Green Mamba by @Bogbaits

3rd - IMG-5456.jpg by @riveratackle

Best Fly

1st - Hookers Hopper by @John kross

2nd - Sand shrimp fly by @TomBell

3rd - Realistic Golden Stonefly By @RiverRaisinFlyCompany13

Best Rod/Reel

1st - NFC Burlwood Custom by @gekhang

2nd - IMG-2776.jpg by @MCiciulla

3rd - Fly rod By @rattlesnake


1 - Best Custom Painted Hard Bait (best paint job on any lure blank)

2 - Best Handmade/Homemade Hard Bait (no factory blanks)

3 - Best Wire Bait (Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits, jigs, spoons, etc.)

4 - Best Soft Bait (Hand poured or hand-injected – no factory baits)

5 - Best Fly

6 - Best Custom-built Rod or Custom-painted Reel


The following prizes were awarded for each category:

1st prize - $100

2nd prize - $50

3rd prize - $25

*Please note that prizes are paid in the form of gift cards that can

be redeemed at Lure Parts Online or Angler's Workshop


alsworms (Tackle Underground)

Curt Snow (LPO)

BobP (Tackle Underground)

Nathan (Tackle Underground)

Thank you to everyone who participated!

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