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  1. That what I was looking for. Going out to give it a shot right now. Thanks
  2. I have a bunch of old Wiggle Warts that I am thinking about repainting but would like to strip them first. Anyone done anything like this?
  3. I build a few smallmouth jigs using bucktail and flat living rubber.I need some dark green rubber but as you know there is none to be found. Has anyone ever tried to dye any of this stuff? I have a large amount of white that I hardly use and it would really be nice to be able to dye some. Just figures I would ask here before I started experimenting.
  4. They look the same as what these guys are selling but they have been through all the suppliers and only buy from the ones that make good blanks. Buying from alibaba.com is like playing Russian Roulette to say the least. A lot of what you buy will be crap
  5. I bought a used Iwata Neo gravity feed airbrush a couple weeks ago at a yard sale. I am having trouble getting paint to spray out of it. I have taken it completely apart and cleaned it well put still having issues. When you pull back on the trigger to spray paint air id bubbling back through the paint in the cup. I didn't pay much for it so its not that big of a deal but I sure would like to get it working. Any ideas?
  6. Does anyone have a source for lexan coffin bills? I'm looking to buy them by the hundred if possible.
  7. Thanks. I think I will give this way that Mark posted a try. Sounds like it will work One way to cut slots after the lure is already shaped is to put a temporary piece of stiff wire into the back and belly, drilled exactly into the centerline, and sticking out an inch. Cut two spacer blocks exactly half the thickness of your bait, and use them as guide blocks. Lay the wires of the bait on the two blocks, and your bait will be exactly square to the bandsaw table, and to the blade, too. It's harder to explain than it is to do, but it's much easier and better just not to forget to cut the slot while the bait is rectangular. Doh!!! Hahaha
  8. I need help. I am trying to build some crankbaits for myself and a few friends and having trouble cutting the lip slots straight. I'm buying round bodies already cut and I'm screwing up about 4 to every one I get cut straight enough to use. I'm trying to do this on a bandsaw. I have preatty good success on the flatside baits that I make myself, I cut the slot on those before I do any carving or sanding. I have heard talk of using a jig to hold the round bodies but have no clue where to start. Any ideas you guys could shoot my way would really be great. Thanks
  9. Looking to paint some topwaters bone/orange belly and was wondering if I could get some help on the mix to get the bone. Thanks
  10. Selling these in packs of 5, one of each color shown. The ones pictured are 3 arm and I have 5 arm also. .045 stainless wire, Rosco stainless swivels. $35 shipped paypal please
  11. I bought this used Hagens bender a few months back and its just been sitting, never used it. I bought pr-made forms instead. It has the attachments to use it for larger wire also. $110 shipped paypal please
  12. If they hadn't set their price on a bait that costs about $1 to build at over $25 maybe their sales would be a lot better. It seems to me that they are going to need a major price reduction to keep up with sales in any kind of volume.
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