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  2. Getting the colors exactly right for each jig is the purpose.
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  4. Yeah the molds burn through that resin fairly quickly. Most of the molds I’ve tried use 3/4 of the bottle
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  6. This is a true statement. The only issue you mite have is getting the colors to match your skirts like you want . I would check this idea out 1st. to see what the prices would be and what colors you can get .
  7. Thanks a lot for information, was searching for it.
  8. Moved to a different place and had all my shop stuff in storage for several years. I’ve got it all unpacked but missing some parts. I don’t remember what is needed to connect air to the vice. Would welcome the help.
  9. Complete d the mod today and it's pouring with no issues. Thanks guys!
  10. I argue that this holds true for many the make plastics to sell. Especially if one in honest about costs and time spent doing it.
  11. It may cost less to just buy trailers wholesale in bulk than making them.
  12. I totally understand. I haven’t done it in a long time. I have gotten too lazy.
  13. Da_linx

    Gluing eyes

    I was doing it good with just a brand of super glue type glue… a drop behind the eye and a big drop over it covering all the hole the eye is in… it melted the plastisol and made a durable cover and the eyes didn’t fall off… I was a year working this way… One day it sudently started to fail and I haven’t been able to make it work again…
  14. Hello!!! I am a home based bait maker… I have been working with microwave oven so far but now I want to upgrade my set up a little… I am looking for bubble free baits, avoiding yellowing and a time saving system… in this order of preference So I have to choose between a vacuum chamber or a mixing melting pot… I know vacuum chamber will help me with the micro bubbles with no help with yellowing and time saving and the melting pot is a good way to avoid yellowing and improving work times… The question is “how the mixing melting pot” would help me with the bubbles… While bubbles are my capital problem… which system do you recommend to go with??? Thank you so much!!! And sorry for my language… I am from Spain and I try to do my best!
  15. Nice lot of lure making supplies. Includes over 200 blanks from rapala, berkley, yo zuri and more. Passche Talon Airbrush (used) with 4 needles and all parts. Over 60 (1/2 full or more) createx paints, Clear coat, over 200 spoon blanks for walleye, salmon, steelhead and Lakers. Walleye blades, including clear Dutch form custom lure blades. Huge assortment of stickers for blades and baits. Over 30 stencils. I will throw in more too. Shipping cost dependent on distance from buyer. I will split shipping 50/50 Thanks for looking
  16. Interesting, but I'm too lazy and will never do it.
  17. You can use screw locks. You heat a small drill bit or wire then melt a hole in the end.
  18. Saw this heading and just HAD to comment. I'm wondering the same thing. Do they make all their soft plastics with Elaztech? It has its advantages, but I use a bunch of screw lock weighted hooks. Forget screwing those things into Elaztech!!
  19. I love it when we can find good local connections!
  20. Welcome, Arne. Enjoy your stay!
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