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  2. Again, I'm not being judgmental or trying to be an ass. I probably mis-read your post. I will go out of my way to help almost anyone on TU. With that said, I don't order from DO-It either because I can get it a lot cheaper elsewhere. It just goes to show you that we all have our bad experiences with some company at some time. I've had phenomenal service from Zeiner's , some have not, I've had great service at Do-It you have not, I've had crappy service from Barlows in the past some have not. All I can say is if there is a problem have you brought it up with the people at the company. Many times they will make good on it and many times they just won't care. And yes, if I had so many issues that you have had with Do-It I would be P.O'd as well and I would be speaking to the owner of that company, forget all the order takers. Anyway, if you need any info on where to buy things post it over here and many will give you a lot of info on where to get things for good prices..
  3. Hi all; I used to post here many years ago under this same basic name, but didn't remember my password so had to resign up. I retired from making my Famous Sink-N-Fool baits that I sold in the stores, and now I just make baits for my own use. I can't find a source to buy just the Headbanger type Rockerheads without a hook, so I was wondering if anybody has tried to make their own. I was thinking of using 1/8" lexan cut to size, heat it up and then form it in a 2 part mold to shape. I want somewhat large ones for big swimbaits for pike fishing so I figured the best way to get some is make them myself. Has anybody ever tried to form plastic sheets like this?
  4. A straight shank hook without the v allows the head to turn sometimes. Don't know if that would be a problem for you. I like painting two tone heads. Top and bottom with matching skirts. Once the original bond lead to hook is broken you need to always tweak it. A small inconvenience for the less expensive alternative. I can use it like that but would not sell any..that's just me.
  5. I can't testify to the customer service from Do-It molds because I rarely if ever order from them. You see I can get molds and supplies significantly cheaper by ordering from vendors that sell Do-It molds. For instance a mold that sells for $56 at Barlow's sells for $62.50 directly from Do-It. That's a $6.50 difference on just one item! The reason for that is because most large companies like that make more money selling wholesale to other vendors such as Barlow's, LPO, Jann's netcraft etc. But since they're the manufacturer technically they could undercut those vendors in price. So they purposely charge more to encourage you to buy from the vendors who sell more molds than they do. And I can say I have gotten the best, most excellent customer service from Barlow's! Both before and after covid and that's where I order the majority of my supplies from! They have reasonable shipping rates(even to me here in Alaska) and excellent packaging as well. Typically if I get bad customer service such as I received from Zeiner's Bass shop I just don't use those companies anymore. So if you're looking to save some money just order your molds and supplies from Barlow's. You won't be disappointed!
  6. I'm not sure why anyone assumes I was looking for a mold, A discontinued mold, or looking to have one replicated. I'm not. My comment was just that they weren't very good with customer service. Others may have different interactions with them. In the past year I've experienced having wrong molds shipped to me, orders broken up shipping wise and being charged shipping for 3 shipments instead of one. Incorrect hooks were sent. They just substituted the hooks without asking. Those type of things. In the past they were good...since covid terrible. I will say that since covid just about every company sucks at service.
  7. mjs

    Chrome powder

    Maybe got the protec chrome at lure parts online? I did a quick Google and it seems listed there. I only saw the one chrome from them. Is there more than one? It looked ok until I epoxy coated it.
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  9. Big Epp


    These look like an effective size for a variety of finned critters, and as usual you paint/finish is excellent!
  10. I don't know how long you've been pouring, but I wouldn't go out and say that Do-It isn't customer friendly. Maybe they don't keep all of there records up to date and maybe when a mold is retired there is no need to record it. Also employees come and go and in that process especially with the advent of the computer a lot of information could be lost and since they don't sell retired molds and don't plan to there is no need to hold on to that info. Not everyone keeps records like you or I. I sell jigs and I have explicit records of all the customers that I have poured for, going back to the beginning of when I started over 20 years ago. Many of the guys that bought from me in the past haven't in years, however I hold on to the records, but that's just me. I will tell you this, that any time I've had a problem with a Do-It mold, I called up Do-It and they rectified the problem. With that said, if you have a sample of a jig that was poured by Do-It years ago and the mold is no longer made, have it custom made from one of the sources Kasilofchrisn stated. Just a quick note, if you are going to copy a Do-It mold (and sell jigs), you may want to ask them (Do-IT) permission to see if they have a problem with that. The last thing you want to do is get sued. PS: Don't take this personally, I'm not trying to bash you, just that there are a lot of options (this day and age compared to 20 years ago) out there for you.
  11. There was a company called "True Tungsten " if I'm remembering correctly that sold plastic baits with small tungsten weights molded into them
  12. First off may I ask why you're limiting yourself to Do-It molds? As Cadman said the discontinued Do-It molds are hard to source and find anyway. But Do-It probably has more competition these days than they've ever had. A few minutes of Internet searching will reveal that they definitely aren't the only game in town. There are so many good mold makers out there that if you're looking for something different you shouldn't have any trouble whatsoever in finding something. I mean besides Do-It molds there's also Hilts and Little Mac molds as far as sandcast molds go. And I also have molds from Sean at Sean Collins customs. Victor at bug molds. Kent at lakeside molds Bob at CNC molds N stuff. And some others that I'm forgetting off hand right now. While Do-It may be the largest mold maker out there, there are plenty of other options for you to look at if you really want to be throwing something that the other fisherman don't have!
  13. In my experiance Do-it isn't very customer friendly or oriented. Since they are basically the only game in town......they don't need to be. Helpful is not a word they seem to know.
  14. Since the mold has been discontinued. I am looking for a hook substitute that would work. If I could find a long shank Aberdeen hook with the eye turned......I think it would work. Below is the hook that it is supposed to use.
  15. No issues, I have added it for years in some of my soft plastic swims. Works great.
  16. I have been thinking of adding tungsten powder to some of my plastics. I doubt if the powder could oxidize enough to make a difference. I only plan on adding the powder to the darker colors. Only issue I can see with my idea is consistent weights as the powder will always be settling either in the pan or injector. And if you do open pour i probably will knock off the balance of the bait. I hope to try the powder this summer. I'll need to get a heat coil though. Probably not a good idea to microwave tungsten.
  17. Thanks. I think I’ll try my hand at a few. Usually I do full tabs and tie with wire.
  18. hazmail,

      I have been doing a little research on hook retention with magnets.  I saw your examples in a post and was very interested in your design.    I am curious in the placement and quantity of magnet(s) used.  It seems like it would be a delicate line between retention during the cast and release during the hookset.

     Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



     Snagless 8.jpg

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