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  2. i use the thin super glue a lot when prototyping and building test baits. and use the gel on stuff like eyes, if using screws or twistwire. not sure how long the superglue sealing will last, but some of them baits are getting up there now.
  3. 5/8 is 1/2 inch wide x 1/2 inch long. 9/16 is 1/2 inch wide x 7/16 inch long. 5/8 is 1.771 grams heavier.
  4. You'll be satisfied with Anglin A I without a doubt.
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  6. Have not used the gel to seal a bait did use to seal a few pens I turned when ran out of the regular super glure. It won't be absorbed as readily as the liquid due to viscosity. Personally I find the liquid easier better to coat things and the gel reserved for applications where I need it to stay put (mounting coral frags for example). A finger cot or vinyl glove makes short work of coating a bait. On my lathe I have sealed much larger pieces (bowls) with superglue in no time. Apply in low humidity settings and cure times will slow dramatically. A dehumidifier in a bathroom or walk in closet will let most get down to much drier conditions, even in humid environments. One year we had a small lab space 8 ft x 8 ft approximately that the AC had issues in and had to do some work on some materials that were sensitive to humidity. I could start out in the mid 70% range and get down to near 12% quickly running two run of the mill big box store units.
  7. The above lure shapes produce different actions - all that have proven themselves after catching hundreds of fish of different species and sizes. I have 10 more folders - each containing different lure shapes and actions per folder - that remind me that there are more possible lure actions / shapes that fish respond to - including fish over a pound. Fighting fish that pull drag is just another plus when it comes to the satisfaction of catching fish on what I create.
  8. Here a just a few I've found provoke strikes for want of a better word why fish strike manmade objects at all:
  9. Hope your condition improves. I've been lucky in the fish-all-day dept. minus a bit of carpal tunnel. Plus there are many waters in my area within 30 min. I have access to with my shallow-float boats. Same here plus I enjoy catching fish using different presentations and lure types. It's nice when large fish of different species are hooked on my creations and as satisfying as catching large bass after a good fight using low pound test line and small lures. Having made many lures and caught fish on them in my 74 years has taught me one thing: fish react aggressively or not and lures fish strike consistently are worth their weight over the millions of lures than don't. Lurecraft also dispels myths regarding lure color, shapes that don't look like nor move like anything in nature. Yet there are many unique lure actions that get bit by many species in the same water / on the same day.
  10. I have been using the thin glue to seal the entire bait and the gel for protecting small detailed areas. Have any of you used the gel to seal an entire bait and if so, how well did it seal? Did it sink in deep like the liquid kind? I ask because the gel appears to be easier to work with. You can spread it easier, and it takes longer to dry.
  11. Dead on is fine if you have a vacuum chamber. I've started using MF Easy Stretch sinking. A few dollars more. but well worth it. You can always soften or harden as you go. For stickbaits I use MF sinking soft. Medium for Worms grubs, and usually add softener. But little by little switching everything over to the Easy Stretch for everything. I've tried a bunch of different brands, and MF works best for me. If I were to choose a second, I'd say Bait Plastics.
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  13. Could some one that has the magnum Midwest finesse jig please measure the diameter and thickness of the head on the 5/8 and 9/16 oz size Trying to see how it would fit to a 8" grub that I have recently purchased. Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks folks. I have some of the ones you mentioned and have modified others. I’m wanting something close to the one I posted for a really picky guy who currently uses it exclusively.
  15. I know this topic is old. But yeah, most on there are real cringe. Clueless kooks doing it for likes etc. Some of the hands down worst advice I've EVER seen have been from the YT cringe kids. And I LOVE ND Yaks channel. I'm next door in Montana and STILL trying to figure out what river that is he fishes lol. You're not alone.
  16. I know its late. But that's the sand worm from either Fat Guys. Possibly epic. Ugh. Could be Bob's also. But yeah, that's the sand worm. EXCELLENT bait for West coast surf fishing. But yeah, absolutely US made.
  17. So a little update... I had an old mason jar of KBS that had the top inch cured on it. Upon inspection I could tell the bottom was still in liquid form. I tried a few things and then finally drilled big holes through it and transferred it to another jar. It was really thick like molasses but I tried dipping a bait anyway. Well ya you know how that turned out but it did harden. So I went online and purchased the KBS thinner. Today I added a little thinner at a time until it was about half thinner and half kbs LOL. The viscosity is still thick but much much better. Im going to let that sit a few days and see what happens. If its still liquid and a decent viscosity I will dip another bait and see what happens. Im hoping that as this stuff thickens/cures in the mason jar I can dilute with thinner and still have a product that is useable. Ill post back with what happens.
  18. I ordered Sunday night. They sent a email at 4am Monday saying my molds was on the production floor. Shipped yesterday morning. Will be here tomorrow. ZERO current wait times. I was a little nervous with their relationship to dead on plastics. But so far so good. They're not plastic resellers anyway, so should be good stuff! I've always used the older companies. So I'll find out tomorrow. I'm excited to try them out.
  19. I do not, but you can contact the fine folks at Barlow's Tackle and they should be able to give you info on what hooks fit in that mold. They have a handy chart already that captures most of this, but I know they are more than happy to reply with more specific mold-hook info. Hope that helps!
  20. The carrot has been sold, but the fork tail molds are still available. Are you interested in just the fork tail?
  21. Well if you don't wanna buy it and you're up for adventure you can do it yourself...
  22. I have molds from 4 different companies. Angling AI is no doubt the best molds I have used. Worth the wait. I ordered 3 different molds 2 weeks ago and they shipped today ! I am completely happy with them and will probably only use them in the future.
  23. If you do some searching here and online you will probably come across tutorials and info on creating two part molds using Durhams water putty . It is essential to get all of the moisture out of the mold by baking before attempting any pours . Good luck on your jig ideas ...
  24. I use braid with leader on spinning rod and had to learn to “lean” on the hook instead of an energetic hookset
  25. Do you own this mold? The Herring Head mold would be perfect for me, if I can use a 1/0 hook. We use a lot of 3/8oz guppy heads with the 1/0 hooks
  26. I once got a bad pack of Gami Superline hooks. The points would bend over on the first fish. Even fishing with a wimpy spinning rod those hooks would bend over. I believe any hook manufacturer can get a bad batch of wire on occasion that can cause a run of bad hooks. Tactical Bassin has talked about it before. Start at 17:30 if you don't want to watch the whole video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91EnJ0dGRXg&t=221s
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