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  2. Love it...a piece of art
  3. I paint lots of baits with glitter.... I use KBS, Dip and shake off excess, Then salt and pepper the color glitters where I want them... Then after they dry, add eyes and 1-2 more dips. I have used epoxy the same way. You can add glitter to the epoxy on the first coat too, But you cant do much to seperate colors on the bait. I only glitter the first coat.... Then clear only after that.
  4. I have not seen epoxy melt glitter. I have made baits out of wood, pvc, lead, brass and have used a few different epoxies. I have also used glitter nail polish with a top coat of epoxy and that worked. I don't have much experience with vinyl paint. I have only used it on small crappie jigs with no glitter. I have seen some vinyl jigs get gummy but I don't clear coat those tiny jigs. Once, I did foil an old 4" diamond jig. The jig had to be either Bead or Marathon. I remember doing each side individually and trimming with a razor knife. I think I used D2T as a top coat on that. It lasted a few years and then water started getting under the foil from dings on the edges of the jig. The foil is still on the jig but has been discolored in spots on the edges by the water. You could also try one of the foil Jig Skins. I have a few lures with a foil herring on them. One is a 6" bar/slab type jig. It still looks good after 2 years and maybe a dozen fish. It is coated with D2T.
  5. I will also have to go with PermaGloss.
  6. Amazing dryer... Good job on the thread winder too...I have use several diffent kinds in the past and keep coming back to plain ol manual hand wind.
  7. This should work...I have done this same thing on rods.
  8. I use a lot of big diamond jigs for saltwater stripers and bluefish. I also lose a lot of them. Been looking into either getting a diamond jog mold, or buying raw lead jigs. But have no way of chrome plating them. I have used some that were coated in glittler. I've tried that using a clearcoat spray paint, with less than desirable results. And silver powder paints didn't work too well either. I was wondering if coating the jig with epoxy then covering it with glitter, then another coat of epoxy would work Would the epoxy melt the glitter? Another option would be to use vinyl paint, but I think that would melt the glitter. Foils and epoxy maybe? Ideas? Suggestion? I just priced a Viking jig and it was $22.00, Can't keep sacrificing those to the toothy critters, and wrecks.
  9. Never used it, but most slow cure epoxy products hold up over time and most fast cure get brittle and yellow over time. If it is fully cured in 30, I suspect it will yellow in about one year. If 30 minutes is the working time, it should be good.
  10. Hi, still pretty new at lure building and would like to know how Zap Z-poxy 30 minute epoxy will hold up? I've used it before building model boats and was very happy with it so I have used it for a few of my new lures. Has anyone used this product, it seems fine so far but how does it last over long term in use? Any recommendations for a good hard wearing clear coat will be appreciated
  11. Hi. You can spill the bait, rip off the body, remove the body, leave the tail. further shedding the body.
  12. Gonna start making soft beads and worms fishing for Steelhead . My question to my fellow bait makers is- For making half n half colored eggs should I get a Dual Injector from Bass Tackle? And how are worm tails made a different color than the worm itself? Do I inject with a rod down the center then cut the tail pull the rod out and reinject? Sorry for the stupid questions just wanna do it right the first time lol Thank you everyone!
  13. just went to all three sites (bait plastics, calhoun and dead on), checked 5 gallon buckets to my door (wisconsin). to my house bait plastics is the least expensive. could be different to other places! bait plastics : 126 dead on black bucket: 142 dead on white bucket: 158 calhoun: 150
  14. Last week
  15. I'm getting ready to try the DOP black label for the first time also and I'm not gonna get a vacuum chamber just to use DOP plastisol.
  16. Is anyone using it?How does colorant work. I know I have everything to make it. Just looking for input. Thanks
  17. thanks aulrich for the fast response and helpfull information. Planning to order on monday so this will really help. Cheers.
  18. I do need a sprue extender for the 6" bait, but not really long I just use a 1/2" copper coupler and just enough pipe to bottom out in the sprue 1/8" or so more. I am not sure if that would work in the 5" bait since there are two cavities, it my have to be bigger. even mine should be 1/4-3/8" longer I still top up the sprue after shooting it, I should have it so I don't have to backtrack but I am too lazy to bother. I find the 1/4, 5/16 or 3/8 works for most of my fishing. But I did find a head on aliexpress that would be perfect. a line tie a dropper loop and a screw lock all in one unit. I have not ordered it yet so I can't really say if it is good enough.
  19. Are you needing to use a sprue extender to avoid air bubbles while pouring your 6 inch paddle tail single? Would shooting the double 5" require the sprue extender as well?
  20. What weight size of football swing head do you use for the 6''?. Am thinking about trying the 5inch paddle and the Fbb6-swg which goes up to 7/16 oz would that be heavy enough in your opinion?
  21. Terry, I live here in the Mogadore, Ohio area at this web site you can order pin men's. click here > Magadore Bait and Tackle. They do work well. I am planning on stopping at the Mogadore Bait and Tackle store on the way home from work today to pick up 4 each # 8 pin min's ,orange, green chartreuse and white. I have at trip scheduled in Wisconsin for the end of May, 2022 that I am looking forward to. Going to bring these new pin min's with me. Chad
  22. Hello dear friends! I have a lot of experience in making molds from artificial stone! I want to launch mold production in the United States. Ready to answer all your questions and suggestions.
  23. I like the paint job it’s similar to one that has be deadly on pike this year but your work is more detailed then mine
  24. Let us know what you figure out.
  25. Definitely looks like a boat hull. I have always had this image in my mind that Luhr Jensen had an aerodynamic wind tunnel and used it to come up with the body design. I have wondered if the small notch line on the back actually did something or if it is was just to catch fisherman by making the lure look less plain. After Rapala bought Luhr Jensen in 2006, Rapala moved the production to China and then to Indonesia. My Speed Traps are from before 2006. They have Made in the USA in the package and the old Oregon address. I am going to pick up some of the new ones to compare.
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