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    Fantastic job on the scaling. Looks great.
  3. http://kortlink.dk/bugmolds/2cd8c got the 5" AngrySpin and its a good mold
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  5. Hi Bruce County, Sorry for the late response. I was out of town visiting family for 2 weeks. Your lures arrived while I was away. They are very nice. A lot of effort went into them. Thank you very much. As Hillbilly posted, I could immediately see panfish potential which is not my area of expertise. I took them out on the water today to try in a couple of spots I believed were holding crappie. Of course, I went out at noon in the blinding sun. The water was stained from the heavy rain we have been getting the past week. I was using a 6'6" medium spinning rod with 8lb test. I did use
  6. Crappie caught on Bruce County Brown Trout's underground spinner
  7. Salt will make baits more opaque. The finer the salt, the more it reduces translucence.
  8. Depends on the bait your making, certain colorants have black added to them ie...green pumpkin, you can play on the colorant and reduce the amount of black you need to mix and still arrive at a good degree of opaque without sacrificing color. Don't exempt the amount of flakes you may use as well. Also depends if you're laminating 2 colors, one can be more translucent than the other, determine which one you want to be dominant.
  9. I looked at your machine, very similar. my biggest question with these is, is there a faster method to transition to another color than, turning off hte machine, allowing the plastisol to cool, cleaning it all out, poring in your next batch of plastisol/heating mixing dye/glitter, etc.. and shooting? right now I have multiple presto pots where I will have 4-5 diff colors heating and I just move between each of them and shoot those colors into the molds they goto. So is can I purchase or do you have a separate method to purchase the plastisol containers and get those pre-heating with other colo
  10. You'll probably get more and better replies if you post this in the Wire Baits Forum.
  11. Last week
  12. Don't know about the Jacobs machine but we have a modified two color Hot Runner on order from www.hotrunnermachines.com
  13. Hey everyone! I have been making my own bucktails for a little while now. Been using Gamakatsu hook and I like how sharp are durable they are. As you get to the bigger molds 2/3/4/5oz mold, the hooks are BIG and have long shanks. What hooks does everyone use for both molds sizes hook wise? And what hook sizes do you pair with each weight?
  14. So that's the reason my kids say I can't cook! Hahaha
  15. I think we all have a little redneck in us.
  16. Best wire forming tool for me is jewelery pliers. One side is a cone and the other side is a curved channel matching the cone. Not the more common double cone style you'll find at the dollar store. The wire may pinch a bit on the sides, but I round off the edges on the cup side with a file. These pliers along with a needle nose with smooth jaws to make some tight wraps. Making different size loop, bends or angles, maybe only with pliers?
  17. He’ll have a blast…Take some advice from one grandpa to another..Buy a dozen night crawlers..built in fun for a kids in a container..That’s what I do with my grandsons..works every time!!..Nathan
  18. I have so many mold makers bookmarked I keep forgetting who makes what. I do have Bait Junkys and I'll go back and check. I use the large grubs for saltwater. Great for stripers, and blues, although the damn blues are great at chopping your baits in half.
  19. I had my own redneck method for core shot baits. I ordered some 1/16"and 1/8" stainless rod from a company close by me. Cut to length to fit in my mold, Lubed those rod with WD-40, and shot away. Seemed like the 1/16 was too small and the 1/8" was too big. Out of a four cavity mold, maybe two would shoot correctly. Made some cool looking baits, but was too much work for so little return. One bait color I make I cal perch. Its an orange and green laminate. similar to Yamo perch. I used a transparent light orange outer color, with a green core.Oddly when using the greens, which were ei
  20. I'm the same. Many colors, types of baits. Bit in my 50 plus years of fishing I find I fish a variety of waters, fresh and salt. Unless you and I are fishing the same waters, my needs are for different colors for the different baits. I use glow colors for stripers at night. Clear stickbaits with bright glitter for my gin clear lakes. When I go out fishing, I go loaded for bear. I have no idea why the fish want a specific item on any given day. I'm on the east coast. Water levels are extremely high here. so I fish another different condition. If every day were the same, if every lake were
  21. I would not use a microwave for cooking food after I cooked plastisol in it. Microwaves are not that expensive and I wouldn’t take a chance. Besides, it may make your food taste funny or worse.
  22. If he only did a little, it should be no problem, but don't let him keep doing it. Wipe down the inside with dish washing soap and water, then rinse it really well and wipe it dry. Let it sit to dry with the door open. He needs to be out of the house when he makes plastisol baits, and use a dedicated microwave with good ventilation and a respirator with a solvent-filter, like painters use. 3M makes them, and they are a good investment in your child's health. Here's what I use: https://www.homedepot.com/p/3M-Medium-Paint-Project-Respirator-Mask-6211PA1-A/100653900
  23. what about this sucker from jacobs baits, anyone use this? https://stores.jacobsbaits.com/injection-press-pro-series-1/
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