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  2. Just a word of caution when adding pigment. Do so just a little at a time. Its been my experience that you only need a little. Its also been my experience that the epoxy doesn't set up right if there is too much pigment.
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  4. https://barlowstackle.com/victory-41608-ni-spinner-bait-hooks-sizes-3-0-5-0/ Give these a try
  5. Yup, that was the first thing I noticed after the fact...
  6. I make my own bladed jigs and I have yet to find a hook for them that I am happy with. I have used the Owner straight shank 5103 but I lost a lot of fish on it. My theory was the cutting point was cutting too big of a hole in their mouth. Switched to the Mustad 32608NP-BN and my hook to land ratio was much better but the hook points would roll alarmingly fast. Like after a fish or 2. Or after 1 snag. Some of the hooks were fine all day but then I would have some that would roll immediately. Any suggestions on a different hook?
  7. No problem! That's why tyvek is often used as a vapor barrier in home construction. It is designed to allow moisture to escape but not come in.
  8. I have used the Proberos hooks from China off aliexpress. I have only used the model 35647 1x hooks. Those hooks are good for the price. You may get a hook or two with a damaged point in a 50 pack. With their price being cheap for big hooks, I can tolerate a couple of bad ones. Proberos also makes 2x , 3x and 4x hooks. The 3x and 4x hooks from there are tinned and not black nickel, if that matters. There is a price jump from the 3x to the 4x. I don't know about the quality of those heavier gauge hooks. You could order a 10 pack to see if you like them. The 10 packs are in stock. You can also search for the model numbers to see if other vendors have them in stock in the bigger packs. You can also ask them if they would do a bulk wholesale order. I know they sell some of their normal gauge treble hooks in bulk 500 packs. Model 8003-2x. 2x- black nickel. 50 packs are out of stock now https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256801658561810.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.683938daF0pN7x&mp=1&gatewayAdapt=glo2usa&_randl_shipto=US Model 8008-3x. 3x tinned. 50 packs are out of stock now https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256801658142325.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.683938daF0pN7x&mp=1&gatewayAdapt=glo2usa&_randl_shipto=US Model ST66-4x. 4x tinned. https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256804805648298.html?pdp_npi=2%40dis!USD!US %241.25!US %240.69!!!!!%402100bb5116698240472802540eb687!12000031266462473!sh&gatewayAdapt=glo2usa&_randl_shipto=US
  9. form where do you have this picture? Are these the Wlure Trebles? I am a little bit confused?!?!?!
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  11. vmc 7239bn from gerrystackle.com size 6
  12. You can get most any parts and paint on amazon, Spraygunner has good paint prices.
  13. Ace Hardware sells .065" dia. residential grade trimmer line that I use for weed guards. It is basically a heavy fluoro carbon line that comes in a 5" spool, so it comes off the spool already curved, and can be installed as close to the hook point as I like.
  14. I would do basecoats with a rattle can and most other detail work with acrylic paint and brushes, and sharpies. But, thank goodness for airbrushes! I'm not going to give up on mine soon! Lol It would be kind of cool to see what everybody could do without using their airbrushes.
  15. Using the fine Black Diamond glitter can really make your paint jobs pop. I like to do it on most of my topcoats. It's fine enough not to make any problems with the clearcoat, as long as you use just a little. One thing is to know what color glitters go with certain paint jobs. Like the more silvery glitters are good for a shad or maybe a trout. If you get the wrong color it really looks depressing, Lol. https://amzn.to/3imvMsZ This stuff works pretty good, just remember that it is good as an accent and not a colorant. I'll have to get some pictures of ones I've done.
  16. yes. i always use clear over the eyes and then mix the glitter in to do the rest of the bait. ive sanded out glitter and added a new top coat before lol
  17. Hi everyone, First time poster, but avid reader here. A buddy of mine is going on a peacock bass trip and asked me if I could tie Hine some poppers to match the attached image. Has anyone seen plastic chopper blades like the ones pictures? I've only ever seen metal ones. Thanks in advance. Best, Chris
  18. yeah a 9oz single or 6oz dual is plenty to fill 8 cavities, i can do 10 3.8" BA shads, 4 3.75" hammers, 8 3.5" rip shads and probably have some plastic left from a 6oz dual.
  19. Here's one that is close. Search swim worm and swimming worm and you'll find others that are out there. Seems like a nice combo.
  20. yeah they look strong, but are with size #8 much too small. Tried the 1/0 now, but they are too small.
  21. Not sure the length of the worm above, but do it molds has the thump grub molds. The biggest is a 5" which may not fit the bill. Here is a link: https://store.do-itmolds.com/5-inch-thump-grub-mold.html You may also be able to cut/splice together a tail and power worm and create a mold with POP. Just a few ideas.
  22. Thanks guys. I really appreciate the help and knowledge.
  23. I hate glitter over the eyes...
  24. Since I posted this I have added glitter to couple different baits with good success. I add glitter only to the first coat, just to avoid anything poking out.
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  26. Howdy Cadman,

    In your powder paints do you have a yellow chartruse?  Dont think I spelled that right.  Anyway, I have been looking for some. Thanks, Arne.

    1. cadman



         Sorry, I do not have yellow chartreuse powder paint.  I only have pretty much std bulk powder colors in my catalog.

      Take Care...............Ted

    2. Arne


      Thank you sir.  Enjoy your posts on here.  Actually have read thru many of the old ones and that is how I figured out how you even have paints.  Arne.

  27. Dang closest thing I could find is this one on Ebay. Also made by Berkley. I thought I knew all the soft plastic baits. You have proved me wrong. LOL
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