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  2. When I was a kid, back in the 50's, my mom had a cast steel pressure cooker, and a cast steel meat grinder that clamped on the pullout cutting board. So did most of her friends, because they ground their own hamburger and sausage meat. Different world back then.
  3. Lots of meat grinders on Amazon.
  4. $180 for all plus $10 shipping 18 total packs of 100tabs
  5. I have a hand crank. It works but is kind of a pita.
  6. Hey there. The clay I bought to make a silicone mold of a lure I designed is wet. Will this effect the silicone at all? Like cure time or cure in general.
  7. Nice to have another fellow outdoorsman on board. Welcome.
  8. I tried to find a recipe for a Crappie Spinnerbait for Bass, to no avail.  So, I experimented and this is what I came up with, my Crappie Bubba:

    2 Tabs Hot Tips Silver B/W

     1 Tab Plasma Sexy Shad

    1 Tab Crystal Shad

    Order:  1 Hot Tip Silver B/W, 1 tab Crystal Shad, 1 Tab Plasma Sexy Shad, 1 tab Hot Tip Silver B/W



  9. Did a search on Harbor Freight. No meat grinders came up. Lots of them on the bay place for sale I may have to get one
  10. Hello there, I am new to the world of lure customization and could use some advice from the experience anglers and lure makers here. Over the past few months; I have been experimenting with creating my own custom lures; primarily focusing on different color patterns. Although; I am still unsure about the best practices for selecting and customizing colors to match various water conditions. What color combinations have you found to be most effective in clear water conditions? Are there particular shades or patterns that tend to attract more strikes? For waters with low visibility; what adjustments do you make to your lure colors? Do you rely more on brighter colors or use patterns that create more contrast? How does the time of day influence your color choices? Are there specific colors that work better during early morning; midday; or late evening? Also, I have gone through this post: https://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/35406-video-showing-blue-prism-color-change-as-you-go-deeper/ which definitely helped me out a lot. How do you balance using natural; lifelike color schemes versus more bold; vibrant ones? Do you find one approach to be more effective than the other under certain conditions? Thank you in advance for your help and assistance.
  11. So sad to hear that. May God give the strength of this family to fight in this difficult time.
  12. AA, try searching for orthodontists pliers, they're well made with S/steel , I got a few pairs on ebay about 10 years ago, still use them for bending wire loops etc. Pete
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  14. Get a cheap meat grinder from harbor freight. I always add some regrind to fresh plastic( same color of course) to cut down on waste. I also add heat stabilizer.
  15. This is my method too. This way I can make any color combo I want. I have added legs and skirts to senkos, and grubs, and craws. Using the heat knife I can add them to anything I want. For years I had been trying to figure out how to attach legs or skirts to nail weights for neko rigging. Glues didn't hold, and hot metals of course just melted the legs off when I tried to pour. I have never tried using skirt material strips. I've got tons. Something new to try. And thanks to everyone that posted the threading needle from TW. Now I have something else to spend my money on.
  16. Cut your pucks into very small pieces or find a way to grind them up. Do not try and reheat the entire puck. Go slow on the reheat. I find the brighter colors, orange, yellow, clear, will darken some after a few reheats. Not a lot, but it will be slightly noticeable. I've got pucks up the wazoo, and I'm always reusing them for something. Or blending them to experiment with colors. I just cut mine up with sharp scissors. Takes a few minutes. I'm pretty sure someone here has a better way.
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  18. "Heat stabilizer is often used in remelts." I add stabilizer to new plastic, too.
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