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  2. I use mine up quickly so no hard pack issues for me there. I fish the es med/firm all the time in saltwater with great results and durability.
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  4. Do they have any Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails nail polish?
  5. Rest In Peace brother ......... I have a bunch of Bears molds and pots and I love them. Bear was always helpful and friendly. He is missed.
  6. i have some buck tails that i would like to have dye olide can you help me. can i send them to you to haveyou dye them for me.
  7. i have some buck tails that i would like to have dye olide can you help me. can i send them to you to haveyou dye them for me.
  8. Welcome to the site. I makes spinners with a total weight from 1/4 oz trout spinners to 3 oz bucktails (14g to 85g). I mostly use French blades. They are easy to get to spin. I prefer the stirrup clevis. I can't help much on those small spinners. The Roostertail blade is called a 'swing' blade. Worth makes them if you are looking for bulk. Barlows carries them in smaller quantities. You should be able to find them in a variety of finishes (painted, hammered, rippled, scaled, smooth) on eBay and elsewhere if you search for swing blades or swiss swing blades. https://barlows
  9. Well my results are now definitive. High temp mold Max 60 properly degassed gives me clean pours immediately- it may work with 30 shore too but I have not tried it yet. I have made two new molds are both are incredible.
  10. The first 4 on the left in the first photo are mine. I was able to order two sizes of Sonic blades, in silver and gold. You can see the next 2 are Panther Martins, and their blade is smaller. Mine spin very well, they start right away with little effort. I have a small light weight gold colour 2mm metal bead behind the blade then a plastic facceted gold bead and another 2mm gold bead. Together the beads weight next to nothing and it's the same for both of the sizes I have. No matter the light weight on these inline spinners they seem to want to spin. For the larger blades I used .7mm wire and
  11. Yeah, Carolina rig, kind of a search bait w/glass bead clackers. Attached is the dbl. #3 .032 bladed spinner with a rivet that worked well. I superglued the cone ends of the worm weights together. Skirt even pulsed a bit. Tied it onto a 12" x #8 fluoro leader with swivel today. Very little twist. Going to try the mingled clevis' on the next version.
  12. LPO has solid beads down to 3/32" in brass, nickel, and black nickel. Jann's has them down to 1/8". The hole on the smaller beads are .039 which works well on the small spinners. Spinners with size 4-6 blades and .040 shaft wire, I use the 1/8" bead. Some of the beads in a given pack will have a slightly larger or smaller hole. https://www.lurepartsonline.com/Solid-Brass-Beads?quantity=1&custcol_beads_eyes_paint_size=40&custcol_beads_eyes_paint_color=14 I sometimes use hollow metal beads as bearing beads. Although hollow beads wear out eventually, I find that the wire shaft
  13. Changing wire size on so on you can get to where you need to be, but it is all about your exact needs. give us specifics and most people can probably help. current is tough too fish but cfs and flow rates do not very in mathematics. Then it boils down to blade, type, size and total weight.
  14. all of the companies that make pigment make many purple colors, like stated above most arent called just purple. up to you which you want to use!
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  16. It mite be called Violet,, black grape or june bug.. maybe just not called purple .
  17. Judgie, I tried to wear out my personal stirrer by loading regrinds to the top of my presto pot. A half hour later I had liquid. I have done this at least 6 times and the results are the same.
  18. Lurecraft and M and F , to name a few. Either of them should have what you need.
  19. Sad to hear, I always enjoyed talking and BSing about things with Bear. I had heard things weren't going well but had not hear much for a while. Doesn't seam like it was all that long ago he was setting up his site. I had recently deleted various screen shots from some of the chats where fonts, colors, and layout was been tossed around with the group. Sure seams that some get dealt crappy cards in life.
  20. Hey y’all I’m wanting to make some green pumpkin purple swirl cause it’s killer rn here in Indiana but I can’t find any purple pigment. Does anyone where to look? TIA
  21. I saw this posted on one of the Facebook groups a little while ago.
  22. My favorite lure for Brook trout in small rivers and creeks is a tiny Panther Martin. Part of a series, my guess is that it's 2g or 1/16oz. The wire diameter is about .5mm or .0196". It has a in-line Sonic blade that spins great. I've found some on the internet to purchase but none are exactly the same. It has a tiny hole and all the ones I buy, the holes are larger, and it seems to make the starting speed to get spinning, higher. To throw small spoons and spinners I use a ultralight rod, lure weight 1g-7g, with a 2000 series reel. I put 10# braid with a double uni-knot to 10'-12' or 3m
  23. Found Worth solid brass beads in nickel and brass. Many other spinner parts. Chuckanddeb.com. Not sure if they're a registered vendor but top service and great pricing. Sent a message to have them check out TU forums. Have been buying from them for years. They will credit you back if honest shipping rate is less than charged.
  24. Wow JD, a Shyster! Always had one in my river shore box along with a tandem spinner and floating rapala. That's when I used a light brown wonderod (since redone with Minima guides, KR spacing) paired with a green south bend closed face spinning reel. Now I pack one 3400 series with a couple craw colored bombers, small chrome/blue rat-l-trap, Baker 3" rip bait, 1/4oz all black Cavitron, 1/4oz dark bladed/rootbeer-green flake trailer chatterbait, #2 and #3 Mepps and 1/16oz jigheads and twister tails in motor oil or black body and clear chartreuse tails. I always take a float for suspension using
  25. For AZsouth: slow rolling works well! You know what works better for me though? Fishing a 4.5" - 5" paddletail like a jig or a worm and making it dance a couple times during the fall. #4/0 - #5/0 3/32oz or 1/8oz keel weighted swimbait hook. If they tear out the keeper I just bite off the damaged area and re-insert. The absolute best PT I've used is Bitter's baits. I've tried many. Keitech too prone to tearing. Slow kick with parallel fall. Bam! Heck, in Iowa we have (sad to say) large algae matts on some small lakes. I fish the PT like a topwater frog with much greater hookup ratio. Even from
  26. 5” pvc slow sinking glider for pike
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  28. If you keep having line twist problems, you can try a line tie loop like a Shyster. This gives a keel type effect to a standard type body. You could also try a Super Rooster tail type setup which is more like a cross between a spinnerbait and in-line. These can made in small sizes and eliminate most line twist. After years of mainly targeting largemouth and smallmouth, I got more into fishing for other species. The last 5 years, I got more into spinners. In the spring, I target rainbows, browns, landlocked salmon, and stocked tiger trout with smaller spinners. I frequently catch bass doin
  29. Tuna, the best way I have found is build to what exactly you want to the style of fishing you do!! I personally have my spinners built from .23-.73 ounces and most of the time I just slow roll them to were the blades are just turning, sometimes the blade stops and starts ( on purpose ) that is where I get my bites as far as speed. Both large and Smallmouth eat it that way for me..... best large just over 6lbs... best Smallmouth just over 4lbs slow rolling spinners.
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