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  2. Nice to see how other guys on here are carrying on that community aspect! People helping people...
  3. On the bismuth or tin, all you have to do is empty your current pot of lead and put in the tin or bismuth. If you are going to do a couple of jigs for samples, take an old tablespoon or a small ladle, put a small chunk of tin, and heat the spoon/ladle with a torch and pour it into a hot mold. You can heat the cavity of the mold with a torch to to warm it up as well. Tin has a low melting point about 425 degrees lower than lead. I don't know how strong it is though. Bismuth is very hard, as I have poured bismuth jigs for the guys in Massachusetts. On the jigs, the walleye jig has a 90 degree hook, so I don't know if that is an issue for you. The other two are 60 degree hooks. You can incorporate a weedguard slot like Jig Man mentioned it is not complicated.
  4. It’s easy to make a weedguard slot. All you have to do is cut a piece of wire just bigger than the weedguard, tape it in place, put the mold. In a vice and tighten it down. I have several molds modified this way using Sevalon or Surflon wire in 25, 60 and 90#.
  5. You're right. I jumped the gun.
  6. @cadmanThose are both amazing suggestions. I have never poured with tin before... I assume that requires a dedicated hot pot... I may have to give that a try. The Bat Jig is another incredible suggestion. That jig does not come with any kind of weedguard, but I think tying a wire weedguard in would be fairly trivial to do. The Do-It Walleye Head Jig (WHJ-7-AR) is kind of in the same boat - no weedguard slot, but it has a nice streamlined design and goes down to 1/16 oz.
  7. I miss Ben as well. Super nice guy. We had many talks on the phone about jigs.
  8. How about Do-It's BAT-7-A, Bat Jig Mold #3504. Maybe you can modify the hook eye to fit your hook.
  9. Pour the 1/8 oz Snootie jig in tin. More than a third less weight than lead. Lead 11.342 grams per cubic centimeter Bismuth 9.87 grams per cubic centimeter Pewter 8.5-9.5 grams per cubic centimeter Tin 7.265 grams per cubic centimeter
  10. Sometimes we have to experience things to find out why that lightbulb didn't work. I found that if you take a clean plastic pocket comb and use the larger end first and the smaller next, the strands of skirt making material will separate. Tip of the day.
  11. Hello all, I am trying to build a very specific kind of jig, to suit the kind of fishing that I do in my region. To be specific, I'd like to build a weedless micro jig that has an extremely slow rate of fall, like you'd see with a 1/16 oz weedless ballhead jig with a finesse TRD trailer on it. I like the rate of fall that said 1/16 oz ballhead jig has, but I want a jig that is more suited to come through grass. The 90-degree eye of my ballhead jig snags grass a little too easily. To be candid, I would go with the Snootie Jig hands-down, since it goes through grass so well. However, that jig only goes down to 1/8 oz, so I'm not sure if it would fall slow enough for what I'm looking for. Any ideas for a weedless jig that fits those requirements? I have been brainstorming this jig for some time, and have yet to find one that exactly ticks all the right boxes. Thank you!
  12. If I remember correctly we shared the same Birthday. He is missed what a great person.
  13. I’ll second that, I think his Birthday is the 14th
  14. Printing isn’t expensive (assuming some bulk).
  15. I’m very much still looking. Your help would be most welcome
  16. As the title states I’m looking for some one to pour some 6” brush hogs in a unique color. Thanks!
  17. If you can't find uncut silicone skirt material to try out your concept a company called "McMaster-Carr " sells thin silicone material sold in thin sheets used as gasket material . I think it would probably work as a trial .
  18. I may be able to put my hands one if you're still looking.
  19. Any particular color? What is your goal? I may have something to help you out.
  20. I built a 1 1/2 inch PVC fluid bed. I cant get it to work. I will raise up and then start a volcano and drop. No mater what I do, I can't get it to stop.
  21. Happy Birthday Ben Siegel, wherever you are. You are missed
  22. Hi guys, I’m trying to find out the best match for these crimped beads as shown on this jackal buzzbait. Was going to order some crimping beads but didn’t want to waste $ on the cheap amazon craft stuff and didn’t see anything comparable on lurepartsonline. Thanks.
  23. Try Skirts Plus ask for Eric they may be able to help you.
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