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  2. Dink, that is exactly what mine are doing. Guess I will be giving BP a try.
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  4. Check out this thread. https://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/37277-dead-on-plastix-durability-issues/?tab=comments#comment-304361
  5. We have them back in stock. Available in 25, 100, and 1000 count packs.
  6. I've never noticed any of my baits splitting. I don't hand pour swim a its but go through 100's of big worms each year.
  7. Whiting, not mullet. I'm reading up on it a bit, and haven't found too much outside the pompano rig. Might try a heavy jig with a twister tail. Charter fishing won't be an option, as that's way outside the budget. But I read the the speckled trout move inshore and up rivers (doesn't help me, but it's interesting).
  8. Hey all, I'm going down to Gulf Shores Alabama between Christmas and New Years. This year I plan on fishing from the surf and also in the sound behind the island. From what I understand, the primary fish available in winter down there are mullet with the occasional pompano. I'll be using a traditional pompano rig with bait from the surf most of the time, but thought I might throw a couple small crappie size jigs out too. Both mullet and pompano have fairly small mouths, so my thought to get small lures out to them is to make a carolina rig with maybe a 2 ounce egg sinker. Anyone ever try something like this? Any other tips or ideas?
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  10. It seems that Victory is it. They don’t seem to be available anywhere right now. I was only able to get 50 with my mold. I want several hundred more. I also hope they get rolling and make other sizes cause it may be a good shaky head.
  11. Do it refers to the EWG 10777 90* jig hook size#1 for the WMF-6-A mold. Is Victory the only supplier of this hook right now or is or will there be supplier options moving forward?
  12. Would have to agree with Canga~ to some extent. Had the problem of oiliness with the essentials series, but not with the crystal clear blend.
  13. I highly recommend trying "The Powder Coat Store". They have some great colors and if you want to sample - they have 1/2lb sizes for reasonable prices and ship USPS flat rate boxes which helps as well. I bought a bunch of different samples to powder coat parts for my kayak... Anodized Candy Red is beautiful... and even picked up some purple that looks great too. Their prices have risen a hair over the last year - but that's pretty much the case with everyone since Covid - even still pretty reasonable if you only want a small amount which is hard to find. J.
  14. Is the durability of Bait Plastics better than DOP? Ive noticed if i leave a DOP bait rigged it will split. Both Worm and Swimbait blends I get rid of the bubbles in DOP by heating to 350°+, let the bubbles rise, then repeat till most of the bubbles are gone. Usually 2 reheats.
  15. If you want inexpensive paint that's better than the harbor freight try buying some from Cadman. http://cadmansjigs.weebly.com/powder-paint.html He only has a limited number of colors but I will say the ones I've tried were top notch. I love buying his plain white as a base coat that I use on many of my jigs. Before adding the primary color and any accent colors. Columbia coatings has some good powder as does prismatic. I won't ever buy Harbor freight paint again even if they would ship to me. I don't think it's very good paint. I do buy quite a bit of Protec paint by the pound from TJ's tackle. Mainly because I want the glow colors and I can't get those in as good a glow from elsewhere.
  16. i used do-it essentials when i first started and it is by far the worst plastic i have used. it yellowed/discolored super easily (with heat stabilizer), has a horrible smell (imo), had massive ammouts of bubbles, and tends to get very oily after sitting for a little while. if you like the do-it stuff, by all means keep using it, but there is better out there for a better price. i would suggest calhoun or bait plastics, i have used both and they are amazing plastics and cheaper than the do it. neither of them has had any of the problems i had with do-it plastics, either.
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  18. Maybe not the best but favorite cheapo is Harbor Freight. I buy the basics and mix for other colors.
  19. I have been making baits (mostly carved lures, not plastics) and other fishing related stuff for about 3 years. One of my goals is to make the hobby pay for itself. I have a sole proprietorship, so I can operate legitimately. I've found farmers markets and local vendor markets to be a great way to make the money I need to cover my materials and keep growing my collection of equipment. Its been a really fun process. I've learned a lot and met a lot of really neat people. At some point I might focus more on profit margin, but I figure as long as I make enough to pay for the hobby and take my wife out to dinner or get her flowers I'm doing alright!
  20. $7ish for 2 ounces or $10 for a pound seems like pretty easy math. I don't know if I'll be pouring and painting enough to justify the larger amount though. Maybe I'll buy a pound of what I like most and then small jars for accents or more unique colors. There certainly are a lot of options! Thanks for your feedback!
  21. Hey guys, here's my first jig. I used wire this time because I forgot to bring thread with me. Not sure about the wire, it's coated steel and seems kind of brittle. I used 24 gage. Either way, I think it looks alright. I had to think it over a few times to not put the colors upside down. Gotta remember a jig's not a crankbait.
  22. If you build one for all the people that contacted you, you will be busy and might have to forget fishing. Really nice job I am not into plastic but I comment on quality work, good luck and tight lines to you. Wayne
  23. Mostly gloss, Big E. I have ordered some stuff from Prismatic Powders also and it was top notch powder. Columbia has a Omni Black thats a color shift I need to get a pound of that looks really nice. I have had some luck with that kind of look before on bass. I always thought buy by the ounce was expensive when I looked at pound prices. Just my .02.
  24. Do you use matte or gloss colors? I'm excited to watch the video!
  25. Thanks. Their site looks great. Do you use matte or gloss colors?
  26. We use to call the green color Quaker state motor oil. It has always been a red brown green color just depends on how much colorant is used.
  27. I have used Columbia Coatings a long time and like their product. They have good powders and sell by the pound. Just google them. Nice website.
  28. Thanks for all of your replies. I just poured some 5" shads with it and was feeling that they were going to be too soft ,but after a few days of cure time I have noticed that they have firmed up considerably. Will have to water/ fish test them but so far it looks like I wont need to add any hardener. Time will tell. As far as reheats and darkening of lighter colors the more you reheat. I am a small time 1 cup at a time pourer so my experience is geared to just that . I have made myself aware that while micro waving reheats the volume of the plastic in the cup changes every time that I draw some for a shoot so time in the micro needs to be adjusted( lessened accordingly) to avoid over heating on reheat I use a very precise digital type k thermocouple probe thermometer and check regularly not just rely on physically feeling the runniness/flow consistency of the remaining plastisol. I don't know how challenging it would be to use a hot plate / electric heat source to control the whole process. Kind of like the micro system and its working for me so far. Note also that I have built and use a well enclosed work bench/ station with ventilation hood/ exhaust system plus wear a two cartridge respirator mask and use crossflow open window fresh air make up while doing this process. Will need to extend my hood to pull fumes from above my drying/curing wracks to avoid stray fumes from contaminating the surrounding work space..basement work shop. Stay safe people.
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