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  1. I use braid with leader on spinning rod and had to learn to “lean” on the hook instead of an energetic hookset
  2. A fine wire hook seems to work best for me with swim baits
  3. What differences are there between Super Soft M-F & Super Soft Bait Plastics? I may need it to stay hot for a while and do some reheat. Maybe another brand.
  4. I have the “full kit” of Jacobs Shooting Star and find it versatile. It has the large set of pots and the small set. Both are outstanding for laminates. The temp control system is sensitive and predictable, allowing me to dial in the viscosity for the job. There are multiple injectors, and a separate heated “port” so I always have hot injectors. I really don’t use it anymore though.
  5. No kidding? That surprises me. I was taught to go with soft for finesse baits. Hmm
  6. I’m starting again on a small scale, planning to make 4” worms, 2.75” “McMinnows”, and 3” grubs. I’m thinking Soft? The lake I fish has very clear water with 15’ to 20’ visibility, so my goal is natural look. Recommendations are most welcome.
  7. I’m in the same boat with 6 old gallons. Wondering HOW to dispose of it?
  8. I’m wanting to put set a couple hooks into an open pour worm. What line to use for this?
  9. Thanks for your help. I will try those FB groups
  10. If you want to blend “effects”, such as a color ribbon that is poured by hand into the opened mold before sealing it and injecting, having the Hotplate allows you to leave the mold on it so the “effects” blend in well.
  11. Seeking advice on where/how to sell all my stuff as a single package. The jig side of the business has been doing well and keeping me as busy as I want to be. Friends and some local pros pressure me to continue making soft plastics, but I would rather be rid of it all. I haven’t cataloged all the molds but will be doing that soon. Willing to make a heavily discounted deal for comprehensive sale of it all, picked up very near Mountain Home, Arkansas. If someone is wanting everything needed for a business, producing & selling soft plastic baits, it is an opportunity to get it all on the cheap. I'm not sure the classified section on this forum is suited for this. ABSOLUTELY NOT INTERESTED IN SELLING SEPARATELY. I have a shop that is equipped with: Two (2) Dual color Shooting Stars (a large and small), compressor, Three (3) pneumatic mold vices (each holding a dozen molds), A commercial grade (restaurant-grade) hood vent, Two (2) large microwaves, Presto Pots with mixers, One Hundred Fifty-Two (152) aluminum multi-lure injection molds (BTS, Bears, Dels, etc). Many dozens of open pour molds (aluminum & silicone), several dozen “Ukrainian” plastic injection molds, 8 to 10 injectors (including dual) nozzles, dozens of aluminum sprue extenders, A re-grind machine, An unimaginable amount of tint, glitters, hi-lites, and powders, 3 gallon cooler with spigot (to mix raw plasitol), lure drying rack system, Twelve (12 gallons of Plasitol, finished-lure bags & containers, and all accoutrements needed for a soft plastics bait business. Also included is complete air-brushing set up (equipment,booth, and materials) ABSOLUTELY NOT INTERESTED IN SELLING SEPARATELY. Your thought, as always, are most welcome.
  12. Does anyone make a mold for a bait similar to the Damiki Armor Shad?
  13. I’m working with 3 color hand pours and need to keep the cups of plasitol hot & pourable for about 30 minutes. I recall seeing someone’s (maybe Frank) mold made, and formed atop the Hotplate with cavities that fit the cups. How to do that, how well that works and other solutions for keeping 3 separate colors hot enough to pour well are most welcome.
  14. Getting the colors exactly right for each jig is the purpose.
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