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  1. I found several thousand 4 inch, tri-color finesse worms that I made over 5 years ago. They are dried out and some are bent. Any recommendations on rehabilitating them? If I can make them viable they will go to the HS Fishing Clubs.
  2. I have over 150 molds that I’m not using but haven’t been motivated to catalog and put up for sale. If you are looking for any particular molds, let me know and I will sell at 1/2 retail, OBO.
  3. Can you tell me what these skirt colors/names are? Thank you.
  4. What is your experience with these Boss weedguards from FishingSkirts? I know they used to have a “hub” that worked well but it looks like it’s been reduced. https://www.fishingskirts.com/product/army-green-pumpkin-medium-1-8/
  5. That would be great. Please do.
  6. So how are you guys making skirts without this tool?
  7. Any chance you could get 1?
  8. bench mount professional skirt making tool
  9. Thank you. That is exactly what I lost and want to replace. The site fooled me because I looked under “Tools” at first. Unfortunately they are out of stock. Anyone have one to sell/trade?
  10. I have seriously lost my tool and am not seeing its replacement on Barlow’s, etc. It was green, about 10”-12” long and about 4” wide. Bought it several decades ago. Ideas on getting a replacement are most welcome.
  11. I put together a jig business. With a couple pros making marketing videos for the website it drew attention. I focused on selling wholesale and made personal calls to stores. The pandemic helped tremendously because I had ordered plenty of materials and they were manufactured here in the USA, so no supply issues. Recently sold the company to a bigger outfit. It was interesting and profitable but good luck was definitely a factor.
  12. Painter1


    I’m not making plastic anymore but have 159 aluminum injection molds, with most being multiples. Craws, Swimbaits, worms, grubs, centipedes, senkos, etc. And, of course, all the accoutrements like injectors, presto with stirrers, tints, glitter, etc. there are also dozens of open pour molds. Seeking ideas for best/easiest way to sell all or most of it at once and willing to provide a very deep discount to sell in a single transaction. Molds are all high quality in great shape. Not sure how where/how to sell it. The classifieds here move slowly, probably because most everyone has what they want already. is eBay my only real option? Your thoughts are most welcome.
  13. I also cut & then file. A damp paper towel on my bench catches the small filings.
  14. Painter1

    Wire Size

    What gauge wire is best for tying jig skirts? I tie with 210 thread but want to finish with the wire.
  15. Never mind. I finally dislodged the obstruction.
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