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  1. I’ve found what I am looking for. Thank you for responding back to my questions. I truly appreciate you for being so helpful.
  2. I have been making lures for a few years now and I seen a video on YouTube, where a guy had a setup with 2 pots, twin injector, where he would extract the plastic from a center locking mechanism. This setup had a heater also for the injector. I believe this setup is called Shooting Star 2 Color Injector. Have you ever heard of this setup? If so, I’m looking for more information. If not, I’ll just have to keep on searching.
  3. I’m considering starting a business and would need a machine that will allow me to to produce (2-toned baits
  4. Hello everyone. I’m looking for a injection mold machine for making soft plastic baits. Truly would like a dual injection system. Can anyone help me with this?
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