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Question for Snax.

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I'm sure this is one of those "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you" questions, but I was wondering if you could divulge a few pointers on how you put the spots on that spectacular jointed trout lure of yours. Both the smaller spots on the bottom and the larger faded spots on top.

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Thanks for the question. I'm glad I happened to scan through the newest threads and saw this. No big secret for making spots and dots. I used to do it all freehand but made myself a stencil out of mylar with an electric wood burning/stencil burning tool. Whenever you see REALLY tiny dots on my baits they are done with stippling which is achieved by lowering the air pressure to the point where you have to rock your airbrush trigger back and forth to make it spit the tiny drops of paint. Hope this answers your question. :)

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