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Good afternoon everyone,

I'm trying different finishes on my jigs to see if I can come up with a more time efficient process, and also something that's not quite as thick as epoxy. The epoxy works great on my crank-baits, but at the base of my jig heads, I'd like to keep the definition of the mold moreso than the epoxy is allowing. It could also be my epoxy skills, but I still would like to have different options to choose from.

My question is has anyone tried Rust-O-Leum Crystal Clear Enamel as a finish on a jig?

I had a can lying around from when I painted the hubs on my Banshee 4 wheeler, and the stuff seemed to be very durable on that application, so I thought I'd try it on a jig I poured and see how it turned out. It's on the drying rack as I type, but I am curious if anyone else has tried this, and what success was had. Below is a pic of the hub, and it seems like if it could withstand racing/trails, it's be tough enough for a jig finish.

Also, if anyone has any other suggestions other than epoxy for finishing jig heads I'd love to hear.


And here's some jig heads drying and at the base of each jig head, I just wish it kept the original definition from when I poured it, instead it has that slight roundness to it, where the rattle and skirt would seat from the epoxy. Again, it may very well be my epoxy job. I bought really cheap brushes to apply it, and had some issues with that, so it may just be worth it to buy a bit better brush.

Any help/advice/suggestions are welcomed and much appreciated/


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Try the Component Systems clear coat.Its water based so you wont get high.:oooh:

After dipping,ill throw it at the lowest temperature in the toaster to really cure it.200 degrees is about right for 20 minutes.

I like the stuff but a word of caution.Make sure you clean the lid and threads on the jar when you close it up.

If it gets stuck,just put it in a cup,top down in really hot water for a while.


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