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First Bait Completed

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I think it's great! Couple comments:

1. Does it swim? That is priority number 1...doesn't matter how pretty it is if it won't swim. Kind of like a pretty woman, doesn't matter how pretty she is if she won't...well you get the idea;

2. Get the bait as smooth as possible before painting, keep practicing on the paint, look at other lures and real fish to get ideas;

3. Use bigger and more realistic eyes, they probably don't catch more fish but they are perty;

4. Keep building, it's fun!

Jed V.

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Not too bad for your first attempt.I'm curious to know how well it swims also.Theres nothing better than catching fish on a bait that you created with your own two hands.Keep pluggin away and reading posts on this board.I've picked up a few tips and have had some questions answered by some very talented people.They are real freindly and will help you out any way they can.I agree that your sanding job could have been a little better and your eyes could be a little larger.As for your paint job it will get better the more you practice.I also think it probably looks as good as when I started.Sure wish I had that bait now.Go get you a Biggun on that bait and see how much more you'll get into this.Sorry but I think you're hooked already.

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