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Lipless question

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Good evening.

First, I'll like to thank everyone for all the information on this forum.

I've read ALL the post on the hard bait section. And it has helped me a lot to improve my skills.

I have a lipless Q.

The rattlin' rapala's tail trebel is at the end of the lure, as a tail.

The tail trebel of a Bill Lewis rat-l-trap, is close to the tail, but not at the end of the lure.

Is there a difference in the action of these lures due to the position of the trebels?



P.S. My writing is not very good, so please just skip the mistakes

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the rattle trap has a larger rattle chamber, and a flat head. the rapala has a cupped head, which allows it to be zipped through the water faster without rolling. actions are basically the same, but the rattle trap is louder, and rapala has greater retrieve speed capacity, IMO

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