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  1. You might be able to make something similar to a spray booth for an airbrush that would hook up to a small shop-vac.  If you had a cardboard box that enclosed the top and three sides of your band saw with a hole for a shop-vac hose I bet you could control both your noise and your dust.  My older band saw has a hole for a vacuum hose built into the housing of the saw itself.   I would think the loudest part of the entire operation would be the vacuum cleaner, but hey - who doesn't vacuum their apartment from time to time?


  2. Just found your site after searching for "wooden lure forums".  I have been making lures for a few years, but only recently got more serious about it.  I live 30 minutes east of Tallahassee, FL. and mostly fish the flats south of there or bass fish.  I hope to be able to learn some tips and tricks from the members here.  So far, it's been a whole lot of trial and error for me (probably more error).  I am turning my lures on a small wood lathe out of eastern red cedar that I have growing in my yard or pick up in the local woods.   (I own a land surveying company, so I spend a good deal of time exploring new tracts of land). 

    If I can get these pics to post, below will be a sample of my most recent attempts.



    Idas Popper.JPG

    Eds Plug.JPG

  3. I recently had this problem with an Iwata airbrush that I had been using for two years with no troubles.  I ordered some new supplies on line and one thing that was included was a cleaning kit.  I ended up damaging my needle seat with one of the brushes supplies in my new cleaning kit, which caused the exact problem that  you are describing.   You mention in your post that you have been using pipe cleaners.  The wire in the pipe cleaner can cause the same issue. 

    Hope you figured it out. - Steve

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