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  1. dramone

    A Little Spoonmaking Video

    NICE vid Dieter!! (aka tolles video ) thx for sharing!
  2. dramone

    Core Worm Mold

    they look cool. i guess the worms are "open" at the end. if so, how' do you prevent that the worms are sucking up water (osmose), or is this not an issue? do you dip the tail to close them?
  3. dramone

    Thinking Out Of The Box

    thanks guys! i tried crayons (shreded with a blender to dust). works very well! the downside is, it's quit difficult to reproduce the same color over and over, but thats not a big deal for me at the moment. so far, no color change or bleeding after 48h!
  4. dramone

    Thinking Out Of The Box

    Thanks guys for your quick answers!! Oil pastels+crayons etc. what do you recommend concerning the exact use. - should i mix the colors directly into the plastic (befor or after heating) or - should i make a medium out of the colorant (mix color into non heated plastic to get a colorant medium) what about "bleeding" of the bait respective color "bleeding" out of the bait? thanks for your help!
  5. dramone

    Thinking Out Of The Box

    Could you pls help me out? I’m quit new to softplastic pouring and have a few questions about it. To ship materials from u$ or europe is a cost intensiv issue, due to shipping cost and taxes , so i have to think out of the box. I heat plastic in the micro Colors - Can i use createx airbrush colors (i guess they are somewhat waterbased, which would be a no-go) - Pigments. Making own colors, pigments mixed to non heated plastic? Glitter What about glitter/plastic in the micro? As long as the glitter is heatresistant and not metalic, there should not be a problem!? I always weare gloves and a “helmet” http://www.wolkdirekt.com/images/600/AS4088/gesichtsschutz.jpg
  6. dramone

    2 part rtv mold release agent - help needed

    a thin vaseline coat works fine as release agent!
  7. dramone

    Laser Cut Lexan Lips

    i would look for water jet cutting, not for laser...but thats me...
  8. dramone

    Jig with relegated eyelet

    By browsing mold catalogs i
  9. thank you very much jigmeister
  10. to be honest, i'm confused... i guess that "jig" skirts are made of many different materials, not to mention bucktail i.e. but, what is the porpuse for which material or what kind of material is used for which occasion? I do not see the forest for the trees.... what is/are the differences between living-ruber and silicone skirts? are skirts also made out of vinyl plastisol or latex?
  11. dramone

    Double pin hinge

    here is an other approach i used to use, i guess originaly from jrhopkins the "pins" need to be "threaded" for a better bond. the edges (angel) must be sharp for a smooth movement of the sheet metal (otherwise it can get stuck). sheetmetal need holes or similar for better bond.
  12. dramone

    Jerkbait for Brown trout (Kokanee)?

    glad you like the pic i got the hints and tutorials from husky and tigger made a tutorial for a german site (tut honours husky and tigger) for it, including netting and stuff. maybe diemai will translate it....
  13. dramone

    createx iridescent effect?

    @TightLinez if createx, it looks like "chameleon purple" over "pearlized pearl white" to me.
  14. dramone

    Help with spray booth fan and filter.

    maybe this link could help: Brian's Model Cars::BMC