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  1. chartreuse


    anyone try the new bubble buster product? or better yet, does anyone know what it is?
  2. chartreuse

    Longear Sunfish- need help

    i actually envy the work you did! maybe adding to a wider spectrum of color would help?? - like different shades of blue and orange. if you're really hung up on the method of spraying the blue markings, you could take the extra time and make a stencil using a plastic sheet and burner or whatever... just draw out exactly what you want and cut/burn/melt it out.
  3. chartreuse

    yellowing crankbaits

    will a bait with etex over devcon still yellow the same as a pure devcon coat?
  4. chartreuse

    4 inch Musky crankbait

    stunning bait man... how did you manage to get such a clean cut on the bill?
  5. chartreuse

    Walleye cranks and some asp one's

    nice vibrant eyes
  6. chartreuse


    nice clean colors! although if it were me, i woulda put that stripe higher... right where the white body meets the black back. but that's just me...
  7. chartreuse

    First repaint...Am I doing this right?

    i've used Cabela's flex coat on a few lures, but not anymore. only a few casts and you'll observe scratches from the trebles... maybe your stuff is different, but my experience was a definite determinant to never use it again.
  8. chartreuse

    2 new swimbaits

    may i ask how you accomplished the smallmouth's scaling?
  9. chartreuse

    New swimbait Arowana

    great stuff man!
  10. chartreuse


    thanks for the complements guys - i truly appreciate it. the rear treble is a sureset that was purchased already tied; i will tie my own on occasion but this one worked well enough for the circumstance.
  11. chartreuse


    was originally gonna be a tail prop bait... but i didn't feel like buying or making a prop - but it still works fine
  12. chartreuse

    Lip Angle Offsets?

    Bob, I know what you're talking about... I've never made a lure with an intentionally canted bill though, in fear of messing it up and wasting time, but I have noticed it in some Bagley's. These slightly flawed lures sometimes outperform the "perfect" ones. They might possibly have a snappier action, yet I've never really taken notice. Maybe the off angle allows the water to favor one side slightly more, causing it to swing out greater on that oscillation and less on the other, and thus you may observe an overall increase in movement. but idk... quick simple/naive thought
  13. chartreuse

    Pre Registration for TU Club Memberships

    may i ask just how many members have signed up so far?
  14. chartreuse


    yeah... i don't see that distinctive spot; its probably there though...
  15. chartreuse

    dealing with cottonwood

    thanks for the replies, i kinda figured there wasn't a magic fix. i'll just keep pickin away... Lincoya, $10/lb! wow i'd be so rich if i could convince my neighbors to take a few down, they're all massive trees.