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Using Epoxy Resin As Top Coat

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Hey all:

I am a newbie here, but having a bunch of fun with repainting cranks with the help on this site. I did a bunch of searching, but did not find any answers to this.

Has anyone tried using epoxy resin for laying up fiberglass as a topcoat? I have 1/2 gallon left over from fixing my boat and would like to get some use out of it. I dipped and dripped a few baits and they seemed to do pretty well. The finish is a bit thick though(did dip 3 times...maybe that was it)...if I thin, will it still set up hard? West systems says thining reduces strength....however, I am not working on a hull, just a bass crank.

Additionally, I was planning to try and pour a swimbait out of this resin with some glass bubbles in it. Anyone try that?

If anyone has an opinion, let me know.



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Hey, if it's clear, hard, and waterproof, what's to complain? The other issue is how fast it will yellow and how badly. Time and UV exposure will tell. Epoxy isn't cheap so most of us brush it on to minimize the amount we waste. Thinning - after you mix the hardener and resin, adding a solvent like denatured alcohol or lacquer thinner to thin the mix is possible (in fact some epoxies already contain some solvent). It usually takes less solvent than you think - 3-4 drops in enough epoxy to paint 2 bass baits - to get a thickness you want. It will extend the "brush time" before the epoxy begins to harden but will not alter the "24 hrs until hard" guideline. It will make for a slightly weaker but still durable coating.

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